Friday, May 20, 2011

Newest Obession, a winnah & some apologies

First off I think I need to start off the post with the "4 sweetest words in the english language"


(and yes the cap locks were totally necessary)

you guys the weekend is RIGHT HERE. I can taste it (and it tastes like chicken fajitas--don't ask)

I need to apologize. I have been majorly MIA this past week. My last post was on sunday and it is almost a week later. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around b/c I promise home girl will be on her A-Game and not slack off.

But the slackage is not entirely my fault, something totally and completely unexpected came up and I had to take care of it.

Ok, nuff bout the boring stuff.

I think I need to show you all my latest obsession

Do ya remember this post back during my birthday week? Where I proclaimed my love to a few friday faves that I would just totally squeal for if I got for my birthday?

Well one of those friday faves with this lil beaut below

yep it was the lovely "Prancing in a Forest of Fairies Poppy Lace Headband" by Much Love, Illy

Amy totally surprised me and snatched it from Ilene's shop and sent it over my way.

This headband is definitely going to be a staple to my summer wardrobe. My hair does the gnarly thing in the summer time where it goes in every direction but down.  So I think if I have some bedazzlement in my hair people will notice that and not my portable bird nest hair.

Also we have a winnah from our Yellow Heart Art Necklace Giveaway!
((Is saying "drum roll please" still cool or totally lame?))

#14 BB GOAD!

Send me a lil "holla" via gmail so I can mail out your swag!
Thank you to everyone who participated! There will be a new giveaway next week so stay tuned ya'll

(yes, cap locks are also necessary here too)
Just a reminder that "swag swap week" ends TOMORROW so you will no longer be able to nab these coupon codes from 11 different etsy shops! Hurry up before they're gone (you won't be disappointed, girls scout honor)


  1. Hooray! I was just telling a friend about how I love your necklaces this week :) I'm so excited!


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