Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boo-Yah! (Wait, I mean Buoy)

Wow, ya know, I'm a lil disappointed in myself.

I'm so big into photography and I haven't posted any legit "Hey, I'm a hippy and I frolic in a field while wearing a totally rad flowing skirt" artsy photos on here yet!

Well this must change stat.

This past weekend Bub and I headed out to the Hamptons to meet up with our friends Kate and Bill.

While there we ate at a mega cute out door restaurant, and since it was the Hamptons about 98% of all restaurants out there are beached themed.

Only I would quickly scarf down my corn chowder soup (ok, who brought the chick that orders the corn chowder in june?!) so I could hop the fence and take pics of the buoys out front.

Enjoy guys!

Probably my all time favorite color combination: Robins egg blue and red. HOLLA!

Look at that texture! (yum)

ahhh photography, I missed you.

True Story: I actually took these on my lil bright pink point-n-shoot camera, accidentally left the Canon Rebel at home (I know, I'm a terrible mom to my Rebel...I promise sweetie Mommy loves you)

What do you love to take pictures of?

Have you seen the latest lovely to enter the shop? It was inspired by beachy colors from my trip to the hamptons!

Make Silly Faces in Public Print by Yellow Heart Art

Happy Thursday!


  1. Is your little bright pink cam a powershot? Cuz I have that, also in bright pink, and it deserves more credit it's so good! I really love the first photo, such cool colors :)


  2. love that newest print - and those pics made my morning. love the artsy-fartsyness in you!

  3. who knew a buoy could look so good?
    I am a sucker for pealing paint :)
    Love the new print.
    I seriously think you should do one for the snack. nap. read.

  4. great photos with a lot of fun colors!! :) yay photography!!!

  5. Those are buoy-tiful! HA! Seriously, they are awesome photos. You are so multitalented, with all your photography, and your adorable Etsy items, and your knowledge of Backstreet Boys trivia... :)


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