Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Faves! The "Boys are messy and smelly" Edition

It's official

I am now a big girl

Homegirl has an apartment.

Total confession time: for the past month Bubs and I were sharing a twin bed. Yep, we were kickin' it old school. Ahh yes it was so romantic, every other night Bub would ask me to "move over" so he would have more room, to which I would reply "What would you like me to do? I know this might sound really strange to you but I can't use the process of osmosis to morph myself into the wall"

Now we have a queen (ahhhh the luxury) and with the queen came new bedding and a new re-working of our bedroom.

Living with a boy is kinda rough--they are, like, really messy and eat an insane amount of food (who takes an ENTIRE loaf of italian bread, cuts it in 1/2, and proceeds to make a "small snack" out of it?!)

We've had to compromise in the "decorating" department. Now Bubs is kinda lucky since I don't have "foo-foo-girly" taste to begin with. I do enjoy my modern design a lot. I, on the other hand, am not so lucky. There is still an on going battle as to what room the "Neon Beer Sign" will go in (my vote is the circular filing cabinet, aka the garbage) and don't get me started on the giant "Jack Daniel's Whiskey" barrel lid that he bought down in Nashville.

Awright, let's get the "friday faves" show on the road, the "I now live with a boy so help me god" edition.

I picked my faves around "#2" the Nautica Knots Bedding. We currently have this up in our digs so I worked everything around that.

1. Hello Camera Metal Art by Fluffy Co.
2. Nautica Knots Bed Set by Nautica
3. Smile Pillow in Yellow by Honey Pie Designs (thought it was be fun to use with the "camera" art, get it? smile? ok moving on...)
4. Zinnia Hooks by Anthropologie
6. Hemnes Bed Set by IKEA
7. Lucky Number Knobs by Anthropologie (you know you're getting old when you get mega stoked over some knobs...) ya like my new bedroom?

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If your name starts with "Ash" and ends in "Ley" & you were #21 then come on down home girl and give me a HOLLA!


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  1. Hope you don't mind, but I think I'm going to live in your bedroom with you. Love it!

    And P.S THANK YOU!

  2. This is SO you. I am happy you are creating a space that is going to make you smile. You deserve it!


  3. I love the color combo of navy & yellow :) Those pillows are adorable! Love the whale.

  4. you need to show us the designs from your place!! i bet it's awesome!!

  5. I love the blue and yellow color combo! And you need a basement for your man's stuff.... ;)

  6. I'm laughing so hard at your bread loaf comment... my husband does the EXACT thing, but usually eats it for breakfast! Along with a huge bowl of cereal! Don't understand!
    And I love those Ikea Hemnes sets, we have the dresser and nightstands in our room... you picked a great compromising spread :)


  7. love the happy whale pillow!!!!!!
    and yay for being a big girl now!!!!


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