Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shop Sale! (It's a good one!)

Hello my loves!

As you are reading this the Bubs and I are driving back up from a mini outing to D.C.

I get mega cranky on long car rides so its best I don't blog while in the car, you guys don't wanna see cranky Leonora. Hopefully Bub will be smart and carry around Swedish Fish to sporadically toss at me when I start to whine about how much I need to pee. Kinda like feeding the goats at the petting zoo...they start to make that "grunt" noise, ya toss em some feed and they're content as, well, something thats content.

Anyway, I'm sure you guys didnt come here to read about my low blood sugar levels and how disgruntle they make me.

Hopefully this little bit of news wont make you cranky! Enjoy a FREE 5x7 Print (of your choice!) with any purchase of my shop that is $25.00 and over!

Starts Friday (12am EST) June 17th and ends Sunday (12pm EST) June 19th.

Your choice of Free 5x7 print is for any existing print that is already in my shop. Exclusions are: Any prints that are personalized/customizable. If no print is stated during checkout then Yellow Heart Art has the right to give you one of our best sellers instead. $25.00 costs is calculated BEFORE shipping.


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