Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I Dugged up & A shop update!

Hi, my name is Leonora

and I'm a Mac.

While perusing on my laptop I came across some ridiculously old photo booth pics.

I haven't publicly humiliated myself in a while so I'm really past due here folks.

Please enjoy the following "slide show", I give you permission to hum some generic beat in your head as you scroll down. All slide shows need some sort of a happening beat in the background.

LEOZILLA WILL GETCHYOU! (yes, guys, my boss is pretty rad)

The "I'm annoyed steve doesn't want to sit next to me and make really obnoxious face photos with me" face.

oh THATS where our pics to paris where! Been lookin' for those...

Come ON how do you NOT love that face?! (Little nephew circa 2 years ago)

pretty sure real cowboys make this face--all the time.

hm. didn't think my eyes could get any bigger. umm win? I think?

you guys I totally started "the mustache" craze. You've seen it first here. (ok, thats a lie)

don't be fooled guys, I'm really not that studious (or awesome)

Brady Bunch. Except minus all the kids, and the parents, and that Alice chick. Ok this is so not like the brady bunch at all...disregard.

...did you guys know this?! Did Zack and Kelly ever get together? Did AC Slater cut the mullet?? Did Screech ever hit puberty?!  Did Zack Attack and The Five Aces make it big?? So many unanswered questions.

"Come at me bro!"

DISCLAIMER: this is not Snookie.

polaroid camera total and complete fail. Good thing an 8 pack of film costs like 15 bucks--no big deal.

 headbands by Much Love, Illy make me happy

...they also make me wanna do the "double fist, puckered lip, arms in a circle movement" white girl dance. (Yes, I do this dance in public. Yes, I'm quite amazing)

A moment of silence for my straw fedora.

 and now a lil sneak peek of a shop update!

these cards will be in the shop hopefully this week! It's a set of 4 prints that are sold as a bundle. This is just one of the prints above--mega stoked about these! <3

have you dug up any old photos lately?


  1. Well as far as the Saved by the Bell situation is concerned, I think many of your questions can be answered by catching up on the fabulous Saved by the Bell THE COLLEGE YEARS! So good... thanks for some fun pics!


  2. They had a TV movie where Zack and Kelly got married. I remember we taped it on a VHS so we could watch it more than once. It was pretty epic.


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