Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Faves! Waddup

Another round of Friday Faves!

AKA all the things I love, but can't buy, but will vicariously gawk at from afar out here on cyber space.

I took a vow. A vow to not spend over $15 on any tops or skirts, and over $20 on dresses. The only exception is the ever so temperamental pair-o-blue-jeans.

Let's get down and dirty here for a second folks.

Homegirl's hips don't lie. I am also only 5' 3" and wear a size 9-1/2 shoe (sometimes size 10 if I'm really "lucky") I am unsure what happened to me but the pediatrician swore up and down to my Mom that I would at least be 5' 9"

I guess the pediatrician is kinda like the weather man cause, well, he lied.

So when I find the *right* fit jean that actually wraps nicely around my waist, isn't baggy in the butt (I like to call it "dump butt", ya know that mystery sagging extra material of denim that hangs past your butt cheeks? Looks like you took a dump in your butt, thus dump butt. Hey, I never said it was pretty) and is the right LENGTH then I will gladly pay any price for these lil fabulous denim wonders that fit so nicely on my legs.

Ok, now that I totally lost track of why I am writing this friday faves let's reel me back in and get on with the show.

I now present, Friday Faves the "Hey, I can't go on a boat because I get-like-really really sick, but I-like- totally dig the nautical look" Edition

2. I Think Nautical Dress from ModCloth
3. The Navy and White Turban from Mila Rose Designs
6. Low Tide Wedge from ModCloth

Of course I had to include some of Yellow Heart Art's Nautical Inspired Pieces!

Happy Weekending!
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  1. the dress. the earrings. THE HEADBAND.
    it's too much cuteness!!

  2. "Dump butt" ha! This describes nearly every pair of jeans I put on :( I blame the designers and not my non-existent butt.


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