Monday, June 27, 2011

Totally Normal Weekend Adventures

Most weekends the bubs and I just sit around and watch really lame reality TV shows while arguing over whose gonna wash the dishes. (I know, this totally oozes romance)

But this weekend we decided to change it up a notch.

Guys, guess where I went.

Give ya a hint: There were no water color paints and I couldn't wear a cute dress.

Yep, home girl went to the gun range!

I know, completely random, sorta terrifying, and kinda amazing.

I've never ever shot a real gun before ever. Unless you count hunting for ducks while using this beauty:

...and I know you hear that dog's laugh in your head--come on you KNOW that laugh

ok, back to real life (focus Leonora)

I was unsure what one would wear to the gun range, so I just kinda winged it.

pink flip flops and toes? Check.

pink gun goggle thingy-ma-bobbies? Check.

a teeny bow in my hair to show how bad ass I am? Totally check.

 True Store: The 7 year old kid behind me was totally kicking my butt.

I have no idea what I am doing.

 Bub "in the zone"

Man make things go boom *grunt grunt*

Uncle Mark giving it a go. He's pretty legit with those ear phone things on.

Bulls Eye.

Eat it Angelina Jolie, there is a good chance that next "totally bad ass tough chick who is really-like-skilled with a gun" movie roll might just go to yours truly.

Just saying. Watch your back Angie, ok?

have you done anything out of your comfort zone lately?


  1. I'm aching for my husband to take me up North and go shooting on his Grandpa's land. I've never shot anything more than a paintball or airsoft gun. He has real guns and just looking at them makes me think I've manage to find a way to shoot backwards or sideways instead of straight ahead.

    Looks like you had fun!

  2. That's awesome! I've never been to the range before, but my boyfriend's parents have 10 acres of property and a makeshift target setup, so I've shot there. I'm soooo bad at it, but one time Luke was trying to shoot a tomato and kept missing and I tried and got it on the first shot - Totally showed up my cop boyfriend, haha!

  3. dang girl!! what a fun and unique date!!!

  4. I've never shot a real gun either, but I recently played laser tag for the first time, and it was so awesome! Kind of like you were in the future, chasing after little kid aliens and trying to take them down. And you set up cool nicknames for yourselves like "X-FACTOR!" or "ROCKTOPUS!" or "LASERVISIONCORRECTION!" You should give it a shot since you are so good at shooting things now!


    seriously. we are like twinsies. i just asked caleb this last weekend if we could get a babysitter STAT so he could take me on a date night to the gun range. i've never shot or TOUCHED a gun {even though i'm married to a gun-happy marine & the man loves to rebuild guns in B-E-D} <--- talk about oozing romance, yeah.

    oh wait, i just remembered i did shoot a gun once. it was super loud.

    i should have just deleted everything said before, but i'm sort of just free-writing this comment.

    lovey love ya!


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