Saturday, June 18, 2011

Say Cheese Saturday!

This past weekend The bubs and I met up with my best friend of all time (Kate the Great as I endearingly call her, been going strong for 13 years now--AND she's not sick of me yet)

Her and The Hubs invited us to the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Kate's Husband, Bill, is a recent member of the US Airforce (He's at the same base as Bubs) so she thought it would be fun for the 2 boys to run rampant in a building full of planes.

Clearly Kate and I took the Cradle of Aviation very seriously...

failed attempt to mimic the guy in the background with the raddest hat I've ever seen.

We tried to fly an old school plane which seemed totally and completely safe and fool proof, why its no longer approved by the TSA baffles me.

see where my hips fall? Yeeeah thats how you steer the plane. You get down with yo bad self and do a lil shimmy dance to get the plane to go left or right. Pretty sure there is also no seat belt or barf bag.

I also tend to wander in public places, but Bub found my hiding spot.

guys look, I'm in a platoon.

Bub tends to wander too though, I found him spinning something--your guess is as good as mine as to what it is. Even he had no clue what he was doing...he just likes to spin things.

ha look at his face. he is so into it--and yet he has no clue what he is so into.

The boys found a "flight simulator" where you could attempt to land a plane on a Navy Barge.

dont they look presh.

aaaand Kate and I of course taking the Museum seriously...

Sad Story Guys: I crashed the plane. Side Note: Holy Heck my hair is LONG.

Clearly this was also an opportunity for Facebook Profile Pictures (duh)

The Bubs and I (I had to promise him a piece of candy to get him to stand still for the photo)

Kate and Bill (Same pose as Steve and I--weird)

Getting down n dirtaaay in the museum
Get a room you 2, or at least an unoccupied air craft.

and finally no trip to the museum isn't complete with out hoping the exhibit and taking a ride on an atomic bomb...

...and poor bub--he couldn't get out of the way in time for Kate and Bill's take off. Bub is now an airplane hood ornament. Ha.

What do you all have plan for the weekend?


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  1. ya'll have waaayyy too much fun, leo!! ;)

  2. Where's the part where you get thrown out for having WAAAAAAY to much fun in the museum?! :D

  3. love the air & space museum :) so. much. fun.

  4. looks like such a fun day!!! it's a rainy afternoon here. nothing too exciting in ohio this weekend!

    have a good day girlie!


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