Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sponsor Love & Some Giveaway Swag!

I am so thrilled to introduce you guys to the lovely, adorable and funny Megan!

her and the bub-a-roo (doncha just wanna live next door to them and do, like, a movie night or something?)

I may or may not be biased to how awesome she is since she's a brunette with a something fierce 'tude. (Hey, reminds me of someone else I know…)


She is the lovely lil lady behind MoKoPo Creations! (You guys are gonna LOVE how she came up with that name! Pinky promise, girl scouts honor, cross ya heart and all that jazz)

I was able to get all "Dr.Phil" meets "Oprah" on her behind and ask her some questions.

What made you want to start your own handmade biz?

When I was younger I used to say that I wanted a job where I could "sleep in, wear whatever I wanted, paint all day, and get paid for it". I was always told that job didn't exist. In 2008, I was working in the mental health field and hating the 8 to 5 hours, business casual dress code, crazy bosses, and started to feel like if I didn't get out now I never would. I thought it would be cool to get my massage license but wasn't sure how I'd pay for school. I literally googled, "Unusual Ways to Make Money" and popped up. While browsing the site I stumbled upon a Quit Your Day Job article and felt as though the heavens had opened up and everything clicked. As Oprah would say, it was my "Ah ha" moment. My dream job DID exist and there were plenty of people living that life everyday. Now I'm one of them.

Where did you get the name for your fab-o-licious shop?

I started painting in oils when I was 12 after becoming obsessed with Bob Ross and "The Joy of Painting" (he's still super rad!) My 12 year-old self thought I would be uber cool and sign my paintings in an "artsy" way. I signed the painting with my initials (M.K.P.) and instead of periods I put little circles in between the letters. I showed my older sister my work and she said, "That's really good, Meg. But what's 'MoKoPo'?" I've been creating as MoKoPo ever since.

((look you can see her signature in the bottom right!))

What advice can you give to other business owners/people who want to live their dream?

You can plan your little heart out all day everyday but you will never be able to predict everything that will happen-- sometimes you just have to leap and work through the speed bumps as they come. The biggest thing I have learned on this journey is that no one ever just starts out perfect and successful. The people I admire and want to be when I grow up didn't start out that way. They were once in my shoes and have worked their butt off to get where they are. I just keep telling myself that one day I will be where they are, I just have to be patient.

Also, don't order a ZILLION business cards at the very beginning of your business. You will inevitably change your mind about things, tweak your logo, narrow down your niche, etc. and then you'll be stuck with an ungodly amount of business cards you don't want. Trust me, I have tons.

QUICK you have JUST been invited to dinner at the white house (swanky!) but you HAVE to wear something you already have in your closet--what do you whip together in a panic?

I have a dark blue BCBG dress that I love that I could snazz up with some jewelry and heels. That, or the grocery bag dress mentioned below.

yes she painted this (I know, ballin' skillz)

Imagine you're at a water park but its down for maintenance. You get up to the top of the slide, hop on, and land in a big pile of (insert amazing thing you want to land in here)
Crunchy leaves--- those are the best kind! OOO Or Dippin' Dots!

What old school toy do you wish would make a cameo again? (Me, personally, i totally miss my skip it--and I now officially have the skip it theme song locked into my brain, awesome job Leonora)

I was always a big fan of Lite Brite but I think versions of that still exist. I'd also like to give Pogs another chance at glory.

Any secret talents?

Let's see.... I can recite the alphabet backwards, I know American Sign Language, I can quote the entire movie of Dumb and Dumber from beginning to end, and I once made an entire party dress out of plastic grocery bags. Yea, I'm pretty cool.

What is your "go-to" word when describing something pretty ballin'?

Usually  I'll just use an exclamation like "Nice!", "Woohoo!", or the extremely lame but always relevant "Holler!"  If something is cute, I say "adorbs" or if it's really cute it's "totes adorbs". I'm also a big fan of the classic, "Awesome".

Where can we find you to stalk enjoy your adorbs lil self?

I think if you Google "MoKoPo" the only things that come up are me and a tiny town in Africa (haha) but really, you can find me just about anywhere (I'm a bit of an interwebs floozy).

Pick your poison:

TWITTER: @MoKoPoCreations

Also-- I have recently opened another shop called "Buck and Libby" which features my line of doodle prints and cards! That's

Thank you SO MUCH Megan! (Toldya how she got her shop name was mega fun)

Now onto the GOODIES!
Yes you guys, Megan gets even MORE gangsta!

She is giving away (winner's choice) one of her 3 hand painted journals below! As well as $10 shop credit to enjoy at MoKoPo Creations!

Entering is, like, way easy.

Mandatory for Entering:
Head on over to Megan's Shop and tell me what you would spend your shop credit on! Also tell me which of the 3 journals you would love to own :)

Really diggin Megan's stuff and want more ways to enter?? win.


1. Be a follower of Yellow Heart Art's Blog via Google Friend Connect

2. Be a follower of Megan's Blog

3. Follow Yellow Heart Art AND Megan on twitter AND TWEET about this giveaway! Please include a link to this blog post as well as a lil "@" love to me and Megan! Feel free to use the below tweet:

"@YellowHeartArt is giving away one of @MoKoPoCreations hand painted Journals as well as shop credit! SCORE!"

4. Facebook or Blog about this giveaway (include our blog post URL) and copy and paste your URL in the comments below :)

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Giveaway closes next Thursday, June 16th, winner announced Friday, June 17th!


  1. I completely reserve the right to change my mind on this, b/c her paintings are INCREDIBLE, but I think I'd spend my cash monies on this:

    Or maybe the "I love you" book. Because that's brilliant.

  2. You know I follow your blog, girl.

  3. I Fb'd the giveaway here:

    Good luck!!!

  4. I love the Swirly Tree print and my favorite journal is the Life is a Gift!

  5. I am already a GFC follower of this blog!

  6. I could quite possibly change my mind on this...but as of right now I'd go for an "I'm a hoot" print.

    ...and I love the "Follow Your Bliss" journal!

  7. I follow Megan's blog too!

  8. *tweet, tweet, tweet!*


  9. I love her Heart Among Swirls print and the Do What You Love journal.

  10. I'm following you both on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway!

  11. So hard to choose! I would probably go with Fancy Your Love Print and then the Do What you Love Notebook!

  12. I am a follower of you blog via GFC. (It's just being stupid and not letting me sign in right now! ;-))

  13. I follow Megan's blog now!

  14. I follow you both on Twitter and I tweeted! ;-) I better win after all that. ;-)


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