Thursday, March 29, 2012

Works in Progress, the vintage iPhone case Edition & a winner!

I always love it when my friends ask me to design something for them that I pretty much have never thought of designing before.

My girl April recruited me to design an iPhone case for her using one of her all time favorite Emily Dickinson quotes.

The thought of my art sporting an iPhone case made me get more excited than a teenage girl having a ballin' hair day while rockin' out at a Justin Beiber concert (hey, it's the lil things in life, ok?)

April wanted it to look vintage with a touch of lace and a realistic bee illustration.

nailed it.


Also are you here to see if you won your choice of any item from the lovely Fancies and Whimsies of Fifteen Evergreen shop?

Come on down #28 the lovely Windy Philips and claim your prize! and thanks for stalking us on twitter, we dig that ;)


  1. I LOVE the iphone case illustration girl!!! It turned out beautiful!!!

  2. Wahoo!!!!!! I won sweet flowery swag from Fancies and Whimsies of 15 Evergreen! Yes, I played the snoopy song for it - in case you were wondering.

    Love the iphone case artwork, btw...and I'm an Emily Dickinson fan (it's true, I'm an English nerd, I won't lie) so double fun. :)

    You guys rock! My Thursday so doesn't suck now. And rescuing Thursdays is difficult business. ::nod:: Thanks!!

  3. Love it - you totally nailed it!


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