Friday, March 23, 2012

HUGE NEWS for Yellow Heart Art and Acute Designs

Right now if I had a giant gong I would totally go nutso on that sucker and bang it like a mad woman.

Cause the lovely Regina and I can FINALLY share our big news!


The 2 of us teamed up and have made a beginners eBook guide to Photoshop for all you bloggers/shop owners out there!

We saw all the distressed tweets and facebook statuses about piknic biting the dust. I have never used piknic before (nor am I really sure I am spelling it right-there is a "k" somewhere in there, right?) since I have always done all my graphics in photoshop. So we decided to help you all out by creating a step-by-step tutorial eBook about how to do some basic certain tasks in Photoshop.

I will say the brains behind this operation was the beautiful Regina. She approached me a few months back about collaborating with her. I loved the idea and knew I wanted to be a part of it <3 I have loved working with her from start to finish. She is a total sweet heart and I hope one day I can squeeze her neck and give her a big 'ol bear hug in fo' realz life.

I will be honest with you, Photoshop is a program used in the legit corporate world (aka it is the go-to program for corporate 500 companies) I also took college courses  to learn photoshop and try to execute photoshop to its full potential. It can be an intimidating program if you just open it up and have no clue how to navigate, so we are showing you the basics on how to use photoshop so you can then apply those basics to your own design needs! Intimidation is not wanted here, you so got this.

*Some Things* You will be able to do:
• Resize your existing images to fit the dimensions of your blog or resize images to create blog buttons/banners
• Add a vignette to your photos
• Add text to your photos (Perfect for making Blog Buttons, Blog Headers or to watermark your images)
• Get your text to go around a circle
• Remove blemishes from your face or spots on your photos
• Change your swatches to the Pantone Color Matching System
• and more! <3

(Add a vignette to your photos)

(Get text on your photos to make Blog Headers, Blog Buttons or Watermark Images!)

The eBook will be available on Monday for $22, but if you wanna nab this bad boy for a limited time discounted price of $16 then just pre-order this book by going here!You must pre-order by Sunday 12am EST before the book goes live on Monday, March 26th to be eligible for this limited time price.


  1. If I had photoshop I'd be allll over this

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Amy-

      Yep, tutorials for both PS 5 and Elements are included. Plus, most of the tuts can be applied to both programs :).

  3. You are so awesome!

  4. this is great! i'm sure there's a TON packed into it, but i'm so bummed about the price :( business expense write-off maybe? haha


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