Friday, March 16, 2012

Works in Progress! The Clean and Modern Edition

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love designing stuff for you guys??

I haven't? Well, I do.

Especially when you guys come at me with a new design concept that I really don't do that often.

Melinda contacted me a few weeks back. She is a type designer (as in, designs actual FONTS! How cool is that?!) and wanted a new logo and blog header that reflected her clean, modern designs.

I don't really do too much clean and modern, I'm more of a "let's make silly things" kinda gal.

I accepted the challenge and I absolutely love how these bad boys came out! They are simple yet have just enough design in them to give it a touch of "WHAMOO!!" (see? I can never be serious. Ever) (I feel bad if Bubs ever pops the question, pretty sure my wedding vows to him will be the lyrics to that awesome MTV Boy Band "2Gether" who came up with that touching song "Calculus", go on, refresh yourself with it here. You are welcome in advanced) (I know my Calculuuuus, it says you plus me equals us) (ok I'm done now) (what was I even talking about originally?)

Here is her logo that I designed! (ignore the obnoxious watermark, thanks to Pinterest I have to protect my work, and now that this belongs to Melinda I gotta protect home girl too!) 

aaaand her new bloggy banner! I love that her tagline is up top and not below. Threw ya off there didn't I?

Thank you Melinda for letting me be a part of your branding!


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