Friday, March 2, 2012

Share the Beauty! a NEW link up Party! (Will you RSVP?)

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to share this blog post with you! Lauren from The Elephant Trunk approached me a few weeks back about doing a linky party involving beauty products. Of course I was all over this like white on rice! We reached out to Heather of Just Lovely Things as well and she too would be co-hosting with us (can this linky party get any radder? Me thinks not)

Basically each week will be a different "prompt", for example one week will be dedicated to "Hair Care Products" where another week might be "Make Up Brushes".

In the post we would mention our favorite product (uh, duh) what we are "starting out with" (for example: If we are talking about hair products I would mention that I like this product for my non-dyed, straight, thin hair. That way other people with the same hair type as me can potentially use the product) and we would mention why we love the product and why it works best for us and our needs.

The reason for this link up party is to get the word out about other beauty products that maybe you didn't know existed or maybe to try out a different brand. Perhaps you have no clue what kind of anti-frizz serum to use on your curly hair or maybe your favorite foundation in the world has been discontinued (let's be honest, its a sad sad day when your go-to eye shadow bites the dust and falls into the retail black hole never to be sold ever again) This party will allow you to see what else is out there! Also? You'll get others coming to your blog too!


I can not WAIT for this project! Waddya say, wanna RSVP? Our First party goes live on March 12th where we will be sharing with the world what our favorite Hair Tools are! So feel free to blog about your favorite flat iron, curling wand, brush, hair ties, hair dryer--whatever you want! Just make sure its a tool for your hair and not a hair product! We will be talking about our favorite hair products like hair spray and shampoo another week :) You will be able to link up to either mine, Lauren's or Heather's blog and your link will automatically show up on all 3 blogs!

Hope to see you March 12th!

X's and O's


  1. SUCH a great idea!! Can't wait!

  2. This is a really neat, original idea! Excited for this, especially the hair products!


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