Monday, April 2, 2012

Share the Beauty! A link up party - Face Care


How was everyone's weekend?

Mine just involved having my boyfriend getting pelted by a 4 barrel head paint ball machine made by the Mythbusters Jamie Hynenman & Adam Salvage while sporting a Medieval Suit of Armor.

A typical sunday night.

Now while my boyfriend was busy moisturizing his face with paintballs I, on the other hand, have a different technique.

This week's Share the Beauty prompt is face care! Now I will admit, this prompt was a little hard for me because, well, I don't really care for my mug too often.


I keep my face care routine fairly simple. I have bizarro combination skin. Right smack in between my eyebrows and forehead area gets super dry, whereas my nose can be on the oily side.

I read somewhere that if you want to prevent wrinkles it is way important to moisturize your face all day erryday. (yeah I dont like to use "v's" when writing "everyday" makes me sound gangsta) Even if your face is as smooth as a baby's behind it is important to start locking in all that moisture in your face NOW before you start showing wrinkles to keep your skin all elastic and shiz.

Now what is everyone's "go-to" gift for a chick you barely know? Oh yeah, those bath and body gift baskets full of a bagillion lotions.

Confession alert: I.hate.lotion.

I feel as though no matter HOW many times I rub that darn stuff onto my body it never ever fully "absorbs" so I feel like slimer all day.

BUT ironically enough my mom hooked me up with a non greasy face lotion that I want to spoon with at night because it is that.frekkin.good.

Oil of olay is inexpensive and is a miracle worker. I use this stuff on my face almost everyday. It's harder for me to use it in the summer time because I can't bring myself to lather my face with lotion while sweating like Richard Simmons sweatin' to some oldies.

This stuff is amazing. It has a very light scent that isn't overpowering AND actually absorbs into your skin leaving it feeling natural and not like slimer. A little goes a long way. Concentrate around your eyes where "Crows feet" will start to form to prevent them from being so deep in the future. I love to use this stuff before putting on my foundation.

Keeping up with the theme of non-greasy things on my mug another important thing you can do for your face besides moisturizing is using sunscreen. Now, I know what you're thinking, putting sunscreen on your face is pretty much like putting lard on your face. Its white, greasy, and just lays there.


Now, I have to give my cousin credit for this gem. She introduced me to Nuetrogena's sunscreen that is specifically meant for your face. It is non-greasy and doesn't smell like normal sunscreen. Don't get me wrong, its not scent-free but it is NOT as strong as sunscreen.

This stuff is amazeballs. I was skeptical at first but I am now a believer. If I know I'm going to be outside at a BBQ all day I'll usually skip my oil of olay lotion and just do the neutrogena sunscreen and THEN put my foundation over it. It is super lightweight.

Finally when I wanna wipe off all my foundation and eye make up with out scrubbing really hard at my face I use Neutrogena makeup remover.

It is *slightly* oily, but it does work. It is gentle on your face and takes off my industrial "no-budge-water proof" Mascara easily. After using this I do recommend just taking some cool water on a face cloth and just wipe any oil residue away.

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 we thought you guys would like to know ahead of time what prompts you can contribute to! Here is the list of future Share the Beauty Party Topics! We will be going in this order:

Week 5 -Eye Make up: Eye shadow, eye liner, eye primer, mascara etc
Week 6 -Foundation: Concealer, Powder, Liquid Foundation etc
Week 7 -Face Beauty: Blush, Bronzer, Face Primer etc
Week 8 -Lip Beauty: Lip stick, lip exfoliator, chap stick, lip gloss etc
Week 9 -Make Up Brushes

Week 10 -Scents: Deodorants, Perfumes, Body Splashes etc
Week 11 -Body Care: Razors, Shaving Cream, Body Lotion, Sunscreen etc
Week 12 -Nails: Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Clippers, Techniques etc


  1. I hate the feeling of lotion in the summer too! I can usually convince myself it's a good thing since it has SPF in it and I want to minimize the wrinkles :)

  2. i've been looking for a good sunscreen for my face for a while, and i'm going to try the neutrogena one now! i have combination/oily skin, so this product sounds perfect, thank you!

  3. I love that moisturizer from Oil of Olay. It truly absorbs and makes your skin feel supple and smooth.

  4. Ha. Other than the Oil of Olay (which I should get back to using cause um....I've been skipping face's not my fault, I blame the government or something) it totally looks like you raided my bathroom. I use the Neutrogena face sunblock and their makeup remover, too. :) I commend you on your good choices.

    1. Oh and forgot to add, I forked over for the Clinique Spot Eraser stuff to try and get rid of some of the sun damage on my skin recently. I'll report back after the obligatory four weeks and let ya know if it seems to be doing anything or not. ;)

  5. @Beth, I do the same thing! I comment about the yucky lotion feeling in my linky post... I found some good stuff this weekend! :)

  6. P.S. is this an every-Monday thing?

  7. I am THE WORST with moisturizer. I have one that I use, but don't love, and it is so expensive so I don't use it morning AND night, just morning, and I'm told it's not good for me to skip out like that...maybe I will have to try this whole Oil of Olay business. (The name was always off-putting to me...oil on my FACE? Yeah I already make enough on my own!)


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