Monday, March 5, 2012

Color Blocking Makes Me Swoon

You all know how I love to share with you rad things that I stumble upon.

One of said rad things are these effin' cute color block tote bags made by my girl Erika from Rouge and Whimsy. (yes, they are that cute I had to add "effin" in front of it. Oh hey relax its not like I went totally "mob wives" on you) (now those women are FIERCE)

and the best part? They go quite lovely with red hair ;)

((erika makes me wanna get bangs))

I dont know why but I really wanna eat this bag. Someone get me a fork and some whip cream please.

Are you swooning out yet? ("swooning out" is the new "freaking out", use it, love it, be it)

You can check out these 100% handmade lovelies over here and here.

Double Bonus? Since erika is my homie fo lyfe (See thats how you can tell we're legit homies when you spell "life" with a "y") she is giving you all 10% off these lovelies with coupon code "LAUNCH" (For a sec I thought it said "LUNCH" which made me excited cause I really like to eat)

if you  buy one let me know so I can move next door to you and we can share the bag-mm kay?


Xs and Os


  1. LOVE the new bags from Erika and LOVE the turn "swooning out." I'll make it happen over here on the East Coast. Totally rufus, baby.

  2. Ahhh I am in love with these bags!!


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