Monday, March 19, 2012

Share the Beauty! A link up party - hair health

Hey Girl! Welcome to another Beauty Linky Party!

I am so stoked to start off our 2nd beauty prompt this week which is "Hair Health".

So, apparently, home gurl has gone over an ENTIRE year with out getting a hair cut. I dont know if I should be proud by this or not. I mean it doesnt look *too* ratty, does it?

look I even have that awesome "wind blown" thing going on (in case you were wondering which glorious lady I was up top I'm the one on the end in the navy blazer) (Oh and those other crazy ladies? You'll find out more about them in my creative estates recap post but they are Ilene, Julie, Ashley and Erika)

So given that my duds have not been snipped in over 400 days I need to use some products so I dont end up looking like simba (obviously simba as an adult, not a baby) (clearly)


First of all, who ever named the "It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Product" is right on. This concoction of amazingness IS a FREKKIN miracle.
It's basically a "leave in conditioner" spray on roids. It smells awesome and works even awesomer (I need to work on my adjectives) I use this puppy more so in the summer time to tame the frizz. Basically you spritz on this product to wet hair, comb through, then blow dry as normal. It help leave your hair feelings soft and silky and gives it a really polished look. Also? since my hair is now going on day #432 with out a trim or cut of any sort it helps tame my split ends and wild mane. It is light so it wont weigh down your hair AND you will not feel any residue at all.

This is a winnah.

Another product I use to help with frizz is the Redken Glass Smoothing Serum.

This product is great to use on dry hair. I just place a pea size amount in the palm of my hand, rub together so the serum gets all over my hands, then run my fingers through my hair to apply the serum. I will warn you: A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. Unlike the It's a 10 this stuff will weigh down your hair is you put too much in. 

I love using this product to smooth down my hair during the day over the summer if humidity hits it. It's also great for applying to your hair BEFORE you flat iron or take a curling wand to it to seal in your hair, protect from heat and prevent frizz.

wanna join the party and tell the world what hair tools make you swoon? Just link up to either my blog post, Lauren's or Heather's where your link will show up on all 3 of our blogs!

1. Make sure you link to your Share the Beauty Post NOT your blog domain

2. Please have the post you link up to be about "Sharing the Beauty" not a giveaway or a product promo. Anyone linking posts that are not related to our party will be deleted.

3. At the bottom of your post link back to either myself, Lauren or Heather so people know how to find the party!

If you missed this weeks linky then no worries! Next week we are talking about "HAIR BEAUTY PRODUCTS" in other words, what hair products do you use to help style your hair and make it all "beautify"? Some examples are: Hair spray, Mousse, pomade, hair ties, bobby pins etc

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  1. um, these pictures are CRACKING ME UP. they were def more than appropriate for this hair care post. LOVE and missing you like whoa.

  2. i love this post simply for those photos. you took them in RAW right?

  3. Thanks for this post! It makes me feel a lot better for going about the same amount of time without a hair cut because I thought I was the only one! I'm definitely going to look into these products. Frizz is a huge battle for me because I live in Baltimore which is ridiculously humid most months out of the year.

  4. i've heard such great things about it's a 10 miracle leave in product, i can't wait to try it out! love this post :)

  5. Human Hair Extensions
    I love using this product to sleek down my tresses during the day over summer season season if moisture visits it. It's also great for implementing to your tresses BEFORE you hair straightener or take a styling magic wand to it to close in your tresses, secure from warm and avoid frizz.


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