Monday, March 26, 2012

Share the Beauty!

Hey Loves! Welcome to Week 3 of our Share the Beauty Link up! Today's prompt was "Hair Products". Basically products that help give your 'do a lil "umph".

I am so excited because tomorrow I will finally take the plunge and get some bangs! Some of you may of heard me mention in the past about donating my hair. I have been growing out my victoria beckham bob since 2008 so don't be jealous that my hair is down to my belly button, it took 4-1/2 years for it to get there.

I *was* thinking about taking the chop tomorrow and donate my hair but I think I'm gonna do it at my next appointment. Promise I am not chickening out! It's just that it took me so long to grow out my short hair that when I do hack off 9" I want it to still be a long-ish length. Besides I haven't gotten my hair cut since February of last year so they need to hack off a ton of dead hair anyway. When I donate my hair I want it to be 100% healthy.

Ok now that that side note is done let's get to the biz-nass.

A little trick I use to shorten up my long hair is by curling it with my curling wand. Curls bring up your hair a bit which makes it a little more manageable for me to handle.

I have a terrible habit of running my fingers through my hair, even when its curled! So thats why I have invested in this guy:

Tresseme Aerospray Ultra Fine Mist

Yes, I know what you're thinking "Really Leonora, Aerosol spray?! What are you my grandma whose still rockin' the aquanet?"

Let me defend myself here for a second people! Put down your torches and stop looking so angry. Even though its an aerosol its a SUPER MISTY LIGHT HOLD aerosol. In other words, after I am down curling mah 'do I spray down the curls with this aerosol spray and my curls are *still* touchable and bouncy. I will admit, this is NOT meant for a super-duper hold. This is more so an everyday hairspray, I would not recommend this for a wedding or a prom.

I just hate the feel of super sticky hair. This at least keeps the hold while leaving my hair de-crunchy-fied. Please see obligatory "stuck in traffic with my curls so let's take a photo" photo below.

My next favorite hair product has been keepin' it real with me since 2007 (aww sookie sookie) Bed Head's Headrush shine spray is amazeballs (yeah, totally just said balls on my blog) 

Again, sorta an aerosol spray, but this stuff really pumps up the shine. It leaves your hair feeling weightless while making it look like you just stepped off the Victoria Secret Fashion show set.

This is my go-to for revving up my dull hair. Also since my hair is naturally wavy it helps tame my frizzy dull hair when I let it dry au-natural in the summer time. Since its lighter than a serum it wont leave any funky residue on my skin in the summer.

Plus side? This stuff also smells really good, but don't eat it. Pretty sure that would send you to the ER or something-but at least you would be going there rockin' shiny awesomely smelly hair.

wanna join the party and tell the world what hair tools make you swoon? Just link up to either my blog post, Lauren's or Heather's where your link will show up on all 3 of our blogs!

1. Make sure you link to your Share the Beauty Post NOT your blog domain

2. Please have the post you link up to be about "Sharing the Beauty" not a giveaway or a product promo. Anyone linking posts that are not related to our party will be deleted.

3. At the bottom of your post link back to either myself, Lauren or Heather so people know how to find the party!

If you missed this weeks linky then no worries! Next week we are talking about "FACE CARE" in other words, what types of products do you use on your face to help your skin look all glowly and dreamy and awesome? Some examples are:  Moisturizer, Face Wash, Make up remover, exfoliator etc. (Psssttt dont get next week's prompt mixed up with "face make up" We will be talking about our favorite make up on another time! Thanks loves)


  1. oooh, i want to try that bed head shine spray... i'm a sucker for great smelling hair products :)

    i have my hair beauty post ready to go, but i can't link up here or on the trunk blog... ? do i have to wait until a certain time?

  2. I have aerosol hair spray addition. It works, plain and simple.
    Linking up one of my own favorite aerosol products when the link up opens up.

  3. you are so cute. curled hair and all!


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