Monday, March 12, 2012

Share The Beauty! A Link Up Party: Favorite Hair Tools Week

Welcome to the Paaar-taaaay!

I just got back from Creative Estates, but more about that later.

I am so stoked to start off our first beauty prompt this week which is "Favorite Hair Tools".

my hair is on the "thinner" side, but I do have a lot of thin hair so you can't really tell. Also you all are used to seeing my hair pin straight, well confession alert: Its naturally wavy. I also have been hair dye free for the past 5 years. I miss dying my hair, but honestly I couldn't keep up with the maintenance or the moola. Besides I kinda wanna know when I start to go gray, 27 and going strong! (totally just jinxed myself here) (side note: I keep ripping out of my head pretty little golden blond highlights that I think are gray hairs, what is wrong with me?)

 say whaaaaa your hair is naturally wavy?


Now I don't know about you, but I need to give whoever invented the "flat iron" my first born child as a big fat effin' THANK YOU.

I mean, just look at her. Isn't she the most magnificient thing you have ever seen?

Those curves, that shine, and oOooO that COLOR!

The Chi Flat iron and I have been kicking it as BFFs since circa 2005. I'm gonna be straight up honest with you-this is a pricey flat iron. She will set you back about $100 bucks. BUT (there is a but) Bed Bath and Beyond sells these bad boys and what do you get in the mail from Bed Bath and Beyond pretty much every other day?

Oh right, their 20% off coupons.

I always try to buy any expensive hair products from BB&B because not many places will give you a discount on such a name brand high priced hair tool.

The reason why I bit the bullet and bought a Chi was because back in the hay day I would buy brands like Hot Tools, Conair and Revlon. They probably cost somewhere between $25-$40. The down side? I noticed that when I straightened my hair it looked like the bomb dot com for about an hour. Soon my quaff would start to frizz a bit and not look as "flat" (yes, I did say quaff and yes having wavy hair is a curse) Also? Even though those flat irons cost 3 times less than my faithful chi I found myself replacing my drug store flat irons every year because they would stop "holding their heat".

My Chi flat irons last me years AND they keep my hair pin effin straight. I am in love with my Chis and will never ever go back to drugstore brand flat irons. I literally use it every day. I love flat irons because its an easy way to touch up "day old" hair and tame fly always. The plates are also ceramic which give even heat distribution and is safer on your hair.

Also? If you look closely at the picture of the Chi you'll see that the metal plates slightly continue to the sides of the iron, thats so you can curl your hair with the flat iron. It's a little tricky but can be done. But I prefer another tool for curls.

The Infiniti by Conair curling wand is the first curling wand I've ever owned. Granted I do not like conair for flat irons I am lovin' me this wand. For $30 you really can't go wrong. I swore off curling my hair for years. The stupid curling iron clamp would leave creases in my hair or the stupid clamp would get caught in the previous curls I made causing it to pull at my already pretty curls and leave them frizzy and pathetic looking.

I wanted to give the wand a go since all you have to do is take your hair with your hand and just physically wrap it around the wand.

Seemed like a simple concept so I went for it. It only took me 2 attempts to nail down this tool. It holds a curl super well and my hair will literally last all day.

Don't get me wrong, gravity will play a roll and "droop" the my hair down, BUT the curls never "uncurl" themselves. Since my hair is thin I can divide them up into about 3 sections on each side (so 6 total) wrap a section around the wand for about 15-20 seconds, let go and BAM a curl. It takes me maybe 15 minutes tops to have a hair full of curls.

Also? If you want waves and not curls simply make your sections larger and dont leave on the wand for as long. The smaller the section and the longer you leave it on the tighter the curls. It's easy to dress up your hair from day to night.

And lastly my go-to brush is my Padded Cushion Brush by Hoopla. I stumbled upon this brush in a drugstore. I liked it because it was big and the bristles were plastic so I knew I could rock this brush with wet or dry hair.

The brush is gentle enough for me to comb through my hair right from the shower. It has "vents" in the back of the brush allowing me to use it while blow drying my hair. Honestly this brush is pretty much a 3 in one since it works for wet hair, hair that is being blasted with a hair dryer, and hair that just wants to be "tidy up".

wanna join the party and tell the world what hair tools make you swoon? Just link up to either my blog post, Lauren's or Heather's where your link will show up on all 3 of our blogs!

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If you missed this weeks linky then no worries! Next week we are talking about "HAIR HEALTH" in other words, what hair products do you use to care for or improve your hair? Some examples are: Favorite shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, deep conditioners, hair masks etc. Pssst don't get next weeks prompt confused with "hair beauty" where we will eventually talk about hair sprays, hair moose, pomades and things like that at another time :) thanks girls!


  1. I haven't tried a curling wand yet, this looks a do try for $30. We love that brush at our house too!

  2. i am ALWAYS jealous of your hair. for reals.
    great tips, girl!

  3. I don't think it's worth a post to link to, but my one and done hair tool is Scunci ponytail holders - the ones without metal. I can't live without them! There's always one around my wrist because although I love my hair down, in my line of work my hair usually has to get pulled back so that I can see w/o hair in my face.

    I rarely curl my hair but if I did it more often I would buy a hair wand for all the reasons you mentioned. My sister has been bugging me to get one. But the truth is I rarely even blow dry my hair becauase it takes forever (tons and tons of fine hair...aiya) and I guess I'm just lazy!


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