Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friday Faves!

Oh blogging world, how I've MISSED you!

Things have been pretty hectic round here. I promise once things settle down I'll be back to writing up nonsensical posts real soon.

But till then, check out the latest and greatest round up of Friday Faves!

(It's times like this I really wish I had a huge gong to smash. Or a gang of trumpeteers circa Cinderella style to follow me and play "DUN DUN NA DUUUUUN!" whenever I announce something epic) (see? Nonsensical) (Moving on)

First off-my apologies for my text being no where near said adorable Glovettes. Apparently there is a huge amount of white space around the gloves. I wanna rock these lovelies on a harley, just so that I can be "bad ass" yet "super preppy". Of course the Harley would be parked stationary in a driveway and I would have 2 people spot me on either side to make sure I didn't fall off--so maybe bad ass is the wrong word to use here.

I always thought I wanted a black diamond engagement ring. Then Amy talked some sense into me and was all like "weeeell do you REALLY want a BLACK stone for something as nice as an engagement? Seems kinda like it reeks of doom and despair". Homegirl is right. Guess I'll just have to demand 2 rings, huh? (just kidding on the whole "demand" thing, I'm going to bat my lashes and cock my head to side and hope the cute factor works)

Want is an understatement. This falls into the "need" category. Ya know, next to food, clothes and shelter.

Can I play the Harmonica? No. But What I can do is start playing it obnoxiously loud when Bub and I get into our scuffles, it'll be a nice change of pace from me closing my eyes, plugging my ears with my index fingers, and screaming "LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU LA LA LA LAAAA" (ok we really don't fight like that) (I lock myself in the bathroom instead-way more classier and mature)

Ok these are waaaay cheaper than that black diamond ring I posted above-so I don't see why these lil fellas can't find their way to me sometime soon by a certain gent who goes by Bubs?

What are your plans for the weekends?



  1. that sweet hem dress is adorbs! do they make it for short people like us?! hehehe - jk. ;)

  2. I love the harmonica necklace. When my son was barely two and my daughter was about seven months old, he played the harmonica for her and she looked like his biggest fan. Her eyes were huge with excitement:)

  3. i looove black diamond rings! i recently told my bf i wanted this one:

    it's so simple but i think it's so classy and unique!

  4. I love that ring + gloves + those earrings!!
    You have a good eye girl!!!
    Have a fantastic day!!!

  5. love that little dress! would love to pais it with the cute earrings xxx

  6. that ring and those earrings are amazing!!


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