Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinhole Photography!

since I seem to be on a kick this week on "things I miss doing" (you can see yesterday and day before's post here) I figure why not keep it going!

I miss trying to come up with new ways to be creative.

Bubs got me a pinhole camera for xmas a while back

Basically its just a "shell" of cardboard with a teeeeeny tiiiiny pin size hole where you open it up to let light in and close it to stop the light.

It's basically how photos used to be taken back in the hay day where people would take creepy family photos super still and not smiling.

I'm pretty sure this family above is MEGA STOKED that they're daughter is getting hitched.

They just couldn't express it because they had to stay COMPLETELY STILL for a LONG time in order to get this gem of a photo.
Here are some of my photos experimenting with pinhole photography-they're kinda gnarly but hey this is an archaic form of photography, cut homegirl some slack.

((old WWII canon))

((chicken coop))

((bench and garbage can))

not bad considering all I had to work with was a cardboard box, a pinhole and some light.

would you ever give pinhole photography a go?


  1. those photos you took are so neat. my Diana F+ has the pinhole as an option... i really need to take advantage of it.

  2. The results are really beautiful and artistic. What a fun tool to have at your disposal! And yes, I'd totally give it a go!

  3. LOOOOOOVE pinhole photography and the unpredictability of it. Especially when it's a DIY camera. Thanks for sharing your results!

  4. I'm not going to lie: no. I wouldn't try pinhole photography. But you continue to amaze me! You are so creative, Leonora! Wow. I am going to cross-stitch for the first time in almost 30 years. TLC is having a baby! And she's got a couple of things in miind for the nursery. I'm looking forward to trying to thread the needles!!!

    Happy Pinhole-Photo-Ing!


  5. I love pinhole photography! I also think your first image is fantastic, with the yellow streaks of like it feels like the canon is exploding! I have some of my images posted here, if you're interested:


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