Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Did you know?

..that I really miss water color painting?

...cause I do

What is something you miss that you wanna try again?



  1. So pretty! I really miss my vintage SLR camera and developing in a dark room!!!! My camera has been sitting in her bag in the closet for years...I need my own dark room, damn it!

  2. That is SO stinking GORGEOUS my friend. Make more and put them in your shop! I want one!

    Oh, and I miss writing. It's the career I actually want to pursue but never have time for because my 'real' jobs get in the way. Boo.

  3. oooh girl. looove that.

    i miss... college... true story.

  4. That is so lovely Leonora! Wow. I just keep staring at it. I miss crafting. I crochet for friends and my shop, but I miss other crafting. Like making things for friends and my house that do not include yarn and a hook.

  5. This would look so pretty in my new den!!

    I miss...eating pizza!

  6. beautiful poppies! i LOVE! i miss drawing and painting myself! we might need to have a painting party one day...


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