Sunday, January 22, 2012

7 Pretty Things Sunday! (A Linky!)

This is my first time participating in the 7 Pretty Things round up and I am so stoked to do a swanky "Valentines Date" edition.

Cause who doesn't wanna be a girl and junk on valentine's day.


I'm sorry, can we please take a moment and embrace the amazing-ness that is this bangle?


thanks for that moment guys.

Ok, let's for fo' realz for hot second all up in hea' (sorry, I really have no idea why I went all "hood" on you) but as much as I am completely IN to the LOVE with this skirt home gurl can NOT rock this with out showing some of her "lady parts" by accident. Leggings will definitely need to be rocked under this lil number.

did you totally just say "awwww" out loud?

You did, didn't you?

It's ok, I said "awww' too.

...Well, Note Card, this is awkward. I didn't realize you felt so strongly towards me, in fact I think we're taking this way too fast, slow down there card.

Hey, remember that New Years resolution you made about 3 weeks back?

well, ditch it, cause mama needs her carbs.

Besides, there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be good.

Are you sitting down right now? Because I'm gonna tell you something crazy.

((you are sitting--right?))

This bracelet right here--its 5 bucks.

I know, squeal away.

so, let me get this straight. You're telling me I can have bite sized cupcakes that I can just pop into my mouth like tic tacs?
Sold. I take 5 38 please.

oh hey, you're still here? Just a friendly reminder to enter some suh-weet group giveaways that we had last week! (each giveaway equaling over $60 in swag, umm hello, thats awesome)


  1. Very pretty things ;-) LOVE that bracelet as well! Have a great Sunday!

  2. I love the skirt and that bracelet! So cute!!

  3. I love the leather bracelet. I'm bookmarking that right now.

    Stopping by from the blog hop... Happy Sunday!

  4. Love the scrabble tiles! Linking up from The Blog Hop! Cove and visit me

  5. love love love!!! Danielle's bracelet shop is AMAZING. & I love that first bracelet, too! And that skirt! Ooooh pretty!


  6. um, thank youverymuch, now I have a new thing to do because I think the glee from my girls would be so worth the effort of trying to make those pops! adorable.
    And that ring completely fascinates me. wonder if it is itchy or uncomfortable?

  7. The cupcake cake pops look delectable! I wish I was crafty enough to make them :)

    xo Shane

  8. that kate spade bangle and cake pops are amazing!!

  9. are we friends or what?! i LOVE every single of these - the glitter bracelet and that kate spade one! and cake pops - come to momma!

  10. Hi there. Stopping by from the blog hop (#45 pretty things) Love those cupcake pops! Have a great day!

  11. Love these! I did a "valentine's" theme for my 7 things too. I know it's cheesy, but I freakin' love valentine's day. And I love that geometric skirt+sparkle top - amazing!

  12. love love love! can not tell you how cute I think your blog is : ) and how obsessed I am with all of those pictures! : ) Do you do ad swaps? if so let me know I would love to!

  13. It look very stylish..This is a good post, indeed a great job. You must have done good research for the work..Thanks

  14. awesome stuffs <3<3. bracelets are also very attractive. it looks very good in wearing it.

  15. I really love all the great stuff you provide. Thanks again and keep it coming


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