Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Morphsuits and a WINNAH!

So, kinda random, but kinda awesome as well

I discovered these things called "Morph Suits" the other day.

Stealthy and Stylish--ninja party anybody?

 Ya know, I was thinkin' that I needed a full body suit made of spandex when I read the paper in the morning.

Now, I don't know about you, but this *may* be the new staple in wardrobes across america, this bad boy should be hanging up next to your little black dress.

Now, who wants to start a new power ranger group with me? Shotty the pink morphsuit!

But, I am sure you are not here to see morphsuits, you're probably wondering if you won this awesome Day #1 group giveaway, right?

Well, if you are #58 Whitney COME ON DOWN! and email me yellowheartart at gmail dot com so I can hook you up with your prizes!

remember to contact me with in 3 days or else we pick a new winner! (which would bum me out, so don't wait to email me!)


  1. Those spandex suits are pretty amazing...they remind me of the Green Man Suit from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ;)

  2. so i saw someone WEARING the purple morph suit at a UW basketball game.
    UW (university of washington) has a really crazy group of student basketball fans called the Dawg Pack that kinda go above & beyond in terms of school spirit... which means that there are people who wear super weird stuff like purple morph suits. (our colors are purple & gold.)

    I had NO idea that was what they were called. I thought he had just made it or something.

  3. a few guys i know have those... freaks me out when they wear them... THOUGH one friend wore his and was 'peter pans shadow' while his best friend was peter pan for halloween last year... that was kinda cool

  4. I'm terrified! Thanks for filling us in...I'm totally on the lookout now!


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