Friday, January 20, 2012

Pleeeease take me to SNAP conf!

As some of you may or may not know, SNAP Conference ((a craft and DIY social media conference)) is happening this April! I have always wanted to go to a creative conference but to be quite frank have never had the courage to board a plane by myself, land in an unfamiliar state and hang out with a bunch of lovely women who I have never ever met before in my life.

Sounds like the start of some CBS reality TV show.

Backtrack to girl scout camp circa 1991. My mom dumped me off at this camp full of a bunch of little girls where the main objective all day was to eat cookies, make macaroni necklaces and nap (ahhh the american dream). It would've been an epic adventure to most big eyed little girls sporting pig tails with giant pink bows but not for me. I was STOKED when the counselor exclaimed that it was time for hide and seek. I took off my bright blue daisy smock and found shelter behind a big 'ol tree. I hid and hid till they finally had to call my mom to come down and do a mini man hunt for me. In hindsight I probably gave my mom a mini coronary--but hey I wanted out. I popped out from behind of the tree, ran into my mom's arms and exclaimed TAKE ME HOOOOOME! I DONT LIKE IT HEEEEERE (I was a very dramatic little kid) (i think I missed my soap opera calling)

I wish I could tell you that was the first time I ever hid so my mom could come find me and "save me" from some kind of event but it wasn't. I locked myself in the closet at my dance studio all.the.time. until they called my mom to come down and get me out. She became very good at picking locks.

I'm sure not her proudest moment as a mom. One doesnt think they need to add "can get my daughter out of any confined space" to their mom resume.

I'm hoping SNAP conference will give me a chance to redeem 5 year old me. Since I can't leap back into the space time continuum and tell myself MAN UP YA LITTLE TURD! SERIOUSLY YOU GET TO EAT JUNK FOOD AND MAKE CRAFTS ALL FREKKIN DAY. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! YEAH GO CRY TO YOUR MOMMY SEE WHERE THAT GETS YA.

Ok, maybe I can be a little easier on me.

But in all seriousness I want 2012 to be the year I finally stop being "a little turd" and start to be more adventurous! I want to be surrounded by amazing women who make macaroni necklaces inspire me all day.

My boyfriend is in the air force and even though I couldn't be more proud of him for serving our country I do get super jealous when I look at the map in our office full of brightly colored push pins of all the places he has been.

He has been to the arctic. Yeah, like, where santa hangs out for 364 days out of the year? He's been there. Seriously?! The Arctic?! I am NEVER going to see the arctic.

Granted I will never ever be able to compete with all the places he has been I just wanna be able to take a brightly colored push pin and be able to put it somewhere on that map that meant a lot to me.

Promise if I go & win a SNAP conf ticket I wont lock myself in a closet.

pinky promise.

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