Thursday, January 26, 2012

I am back in the cool kids club (and a winner)

A few years back I *was* in the cool kids club but I had to resign due to an expensive cell phone bill.

What was the cool kids club you ask?

It was a club where you had an iPhone and life was glorious.

I had at&t back in the day but bubs had verizon. We took our relationship to the next level and did a family plan.

Which is ironic cause we're not a family.
 So I had to give up the iPhone and get a droid since verizon didn't have the iPhone then.
Ugh, just typing that makes me wanna go into fetal position and cry.
See Bub THIS is how much I love you.

Bub and I had to replace our droids 3 (yes 3) times over the course of a year and a 1/2 of owning those piece of crap phones. So together we had 6 droids.

When time #4 came around for me to replace the droid (again) I threw a hissy fit and got my iPhone back 

my droid is currently being used as a coaster. I plan to chuck it out a window going 60mph on the interstate soon. You are are invited to watch or use it as a target for skeet shooting.

I found old screen shots from back in 2010 on my iPhone that make me giggle.

Text from Bub:
aaand a convo from bub and I, I'm the one in the green.

I was at work, bub was cookin', I win.

and I have no words for the factoid below

...for some reason this doesn't surprise me. They're like a moth to a flame when it comes to bright shiny objects--even if said bright shiny object is a lightning strike.

Ok, nuff bout me rambling on and on bout how I am mega stoked to be back in touch with civilization again via iPhone.

The winner of our group giveaway day #2 issssss...

#69 The lovely Jessica k from the!

congrats girl! you have 3 days to get back to me, yellowheartart at gmail dot com, hurry hurry hurry!! <3


  1. hahaha - those convos are too hilarious! cannot wait to join this cool kids club. my phone is ghetto-fabulous, but i don't know how much longer i can take it.

  2. HA! I am right there with you with my Droid! When your phone randomly starts calling people while sitting on the desk UNTOUCHED, you know that you have a problem! (isitAprilyetsothatIcangetaniPhone?)

  3. your posts always put a smile on my face with your sense of humor! & i completely agree with the candy bar idea...just sayin!


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