Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Faves!

ok guys sorry been a HECTIC week.

Had 2 Migraines, sliced my finger open, I'm coming down with a cold and I'm trying to tie up loose ends to mine and Bub's upcoming birth-a-versary mini vaca (our anniversary and his bday are the same day, lucky bub he gets showered with a ton of epic gifts that day)

So friday faves is gonna be quick and slightly ghetto, but you guys love me right? So forgive my haphazard arrangement of photos  <3

Green Coleman Cooler by Old Green Canoe (totally wanna rock this on our vaca!)

Set of 2 hair bows by Fr33na (what a cool name!)

ok, and just to forewarn my blog posts next week are just gonna be as equally haphazard if not more so haphazard than this friday faves round up. Since it is our 3 year anniversary I'm gonna try to make 5 different blog posts letting you guys know just exactly how bub and I came to be,well, bub and i <3


you won our Jaclyn1423 Etsy Shop Credit Giveaway! Holla at me girl (Yellowheartart at gmail dot com)

whew, wrote this post in under 3 minutes, NEW FREKKIN RECORD AND WHAT.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


GUYS! it's here!

You know the deal, one vlog of me talkin and one vlog of me werkin' it.

And this week, this is the first Vlog link up dance partay! Go on, make a fool of yourself. It feels good to rock out to 90s one hit wonders.

Vlog #1:

oh and reason for said migraine that I couldn't say on my vlog (since the insulation between me and the people upstairs is pretty much single ply toilet paper...) the ever so lovely folks who occupy the upstairs apartment decided to be up till 2am Monday night and Tuesday night, and they also decided to be up at 5:45am.

Now, I'm no math wizard, but that left me a very small window of opportunity to sleep.

No sleep = migraine.

Migraine = taking off from work

Taking off from work and wasting vacation time to sleep = cranky Leonora

it's really a vicious cycle.

Ok, onto the goodies. Just to warn ya: My milkshake does bring all da boys to da yard

Link up ya'll!

(OH! and don't forget today is the LAST DAY to win store credit to Jaclyn1423 Etsy! Enter HERE!)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Faves & A Giveaway!
Heat & humidity is not a cute look for me. A bird almost sought shelter in my hair the other day (thats how you know its bad)
In honor of this wicked awesome heat wave I present to you a list of red hawt friday faves <3
1.  Enjoying Company Hat by ModCloth
2. Call My Direct Line by ModCloth 
3. Camera Case by ModCloth
4. iPhone Red Hearts Case by Treasure Forest 6
5. Featured Home Dress by ModCloth
7. Beach Day Skirt by ModCloth

 Also, have you met Jaclyn?

She is the cutie behind This Lovely Etsy Shop! (Jaclyn1423)

Her and I just kinda clicked. I mean for her to accept the fact that I make outrageous & embarrassing vlogs showed me that she was awright in my book.

Her shop is full of all things pretty. Seriously, go look, I give you permission to do so. (I hear ya OOOOing and AHHHHing over there--its ok you can continue, in fact its highly encouraged)
Check out my interview with Jaclyn, you will find yourself melting over her. And just in case you didn't think she could get any more radder take a peek at the end of this interview for a lil giveaway for you lovelies.
1. what made you want to open an etsy shop? And do you remember your first sale? -- A friend got me into making the pretties by showing off her rad collection of beads. I was jealous and started to play. Then I found myself with a one-bedroom apartment and a butt-ton of jewelry. So I figured, well, I should try to get other people to take these pieces off my hands because I'm running out of storage space. So, naturally, I have more than 200 pieces in my shop. ((facepalm)) And I do remember my first sale! It was a custom order to a coworker. She told me, "I like red and turquoise and long and necklaces." I put it together and she got all, "Wow, this is better than the one I saw at Ann Taylor," and I got all, "YAYYYYYYY!"

2. Which would you rather have: A hover craft or the ability to fly on command? Oh man, fly on command, hands down. Though if you had a hover craft, you could fly nekkid, which would just be fun, like "Hey there, San Diego! I'm above you! Waving! Not wearing any pants!"

3. I mean really, did you think robin was beneficial to batman at all? -- Knowing next to nothing about Batman, I'm going to have to go with ... Yes he was beneficial because everyone needs a friend?
Vintage Cuff Bracelet

4. What flavor of ice cream could you eat fah-evah? -- Something with chocolate and marshmallows. I think rocky road has both of those? So long as it's REAL ice cream and non of that soft serve crap.

5. where do you get inspiration for your shop from? -- Everywhere! Magazines, friends of mine, stores, paintings. Anytime I see something -- jewelry or not -- that pleases me, I make a little mental note and try to recreate it my own way.

6. If tomorrow was your birthday what kinda swag would be on your birthday list? -- This. And this. And some of this. And totally this. But mainly this.

7. What is your go-to word when describing something fab-o-licious? -- Heh, actually, it's "fab." I also like "outstanding."

8. any secret talents? -- I can quack, similar to Donald, but not quite. That genius makes his quaky noise in his throat, so you can actually sort of understand him. My quacking is cheek-based. I can also raise each eyebrow independent of one another.
Vintage Glass Pearls Gold Chain Necklace

9. QUICK! You have to change your etsy shop, what is your new inventory? -- Oooh, fun!! Um ... Lord, I'm not good at anything else ... Um ... I think it'd be really fun to learn bookbinding, so maybe hand-bound journals.

10. Something new you want to try out in the next few months? (Me, i wanna try skydiving, but the whole "hey you might die" part kinda holds me back) -- Skydiving is totally my No. 1 never ever ever ever nono can't make me. So not that!! I'd kind of like to try and make myself a skirt. I have a sewing machine, and I can rock a fab straight stitch. I've made a few quilts, but nothing else.
Jaclyn is giving away $10 store credit to her shop!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vloggin' Dance Partaaay

Few Things.

I love youtube. I get to relive my youth through all there oh-so-uh-may-zing videos. I get to watch the intros to Doug and Boy meets world and I also get to rock out to Backstreet boy music videos.

Its like I get to be 16 all over again--ya know minus the terrible bowl haircut and awkward dance moves.

Well...ok, I guess some things you don't outgrow.

So just to let you know every thursday there is going to be a Linky dance partaaay on my blog! RSVP by July 28th ;) make sure that your vlogs are of you dancing like a mad woman.

Also I had to make 2 videos again, one talking and one of me getting down with mah bad self.

By the way 1/2 way through my *N SYNC dance routine my video got all wonky and made me out of sync with the song (kinda ironic, huh? I guess thats what I get for not going with my gut and doing Backstreet Boy's "Larger than Life")


I cant believe I keep doing this week after week...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday

I am so stoked to show you guys what I've been working on! I decided to create some "mini prints" at 4x6 and sell them as "art sets". They would look so cute framed in a row on a wall. They will be hitting the shop hopefully with in the next week or 2 NOW they are here now! Temporarily selling them at 5x7 instead of 4x6 but will sell at 4x6 once I get my new inventory in, snag 'em up! Here are one of my sets in the making (I call it the "make pretty, be pretty" set)

aren't these fun?! I took the saying from this print that has been getting a lot of love lately and re-vamped it for this set.

There are 2 other sets in the works my "Bed time" set and "Awesome" set.

waddya guys think? ya dig?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! Life Is Good.

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a swanky printable for you lovelies every week??

So I am totally 100% open to any and all suggestions--I mean as long as its doable. If you want me to make you a 3-D printable of your dog's favorite toy so you can stop going to petco every other day then, well, you're completely outta luck home skillet.

But I guess if yellow heart art doesn't pan out I could always attempt to make 3-D paper dog toys? I would always be in business since they would fail in about .5 seconds so you would have to keep buying new ones from me.

Ok moving on.

Enjoy this weeks printable! A free fine art print letting you know that Hey, Life is pretty darn good.

Reasons for life being good right now:
• I've been eating italian ices for breakfast (what? its considered fruit, right?)
• Bub built us a GORGEOUS headboard from scratch (don't worry, will blog)
• Overy 1,000 people have "hearted" my shop on etsy and (seriously guys, THANK YOU!!)
• I saved over 50 bucks on yesterday (business cards for everyyyyyyyyyyoneeeeeee!!!) (thats my impersonation of Oprah--I know, spot on)

happy tuesday!

oh and a very happy birthday to my sister today!

((she's on the right))

((wow my hair was SHORT!))

((times are tough, we can't afford shades so we steal the 3D glasses from cereal boxes as protective eye wear from the sun))

((ok joke))

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Screen Shot!

Facebook amuses me.

The comments, the photos...Bub's grandmother calling him out on facebook for all the world to see...

HA! hey babe...what some ice for that burn? ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Faves! The "I Love New York!" edition

I LOVE living in New York.

I can travel an hour and a 1/2 east and be in the Hamptons, or I can travel an hour and a 1/2 west and be in New York City. It's just a shame that I don't do it more often.

Here are some things that I think are totally and completely far out (did I just really say "far out"? Let's just make pretend that Far Out is still super cool to say...I'm trying to bring it back ok guys?)

 1. Customizable New York State Pillow by Love California
2. New York State the Empire State (and the Big Apple) by Madypidy
3. New York Love by Poppy Pinecone
4. From Buffalo with Love by Hero Design Studio
5. New York State of Mind Series by Hndswrkshp
6. California State Map, State Love by Paint Me a Picture
7. I Heart California Necklace by Fajita Fieldtrip

What a fun way to display some love for ya hood! (Yeah, I said "hood" makes me feel super legit)

Speaking of Hometown Love, didja see the 2 newest lovelies to enter the shop?

Long Distance Map Love by Yellow Heart Art

 Long Distance US Love by Yellow Heart Art

There is a little heart "Speech bubble" for you and for the person you're missing or smitten on! I even included a little "love trail" to show the distance between you guys.

Totally in love with my latest Maps, next time Bub is deployed I'll make myself a lil map of where we both are so the distance won't seem so bad.

Happy friday loves!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vlog-o-licious Thursdays!

Another round of me dancing like a lyrical fool.

This time to Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Babaaay

I couldn't avoid making this video when Bub wasn't home...he PROMISED me he would stay in bedroom, with the door shut, lights off and under the covers of the bed.

Well, he lied.

Yes guys Bub makes a cameo, he made a sign--but he didn't realize that Photo Booth makes everything mirrored imaged so ya can't really read it ha.

Photobooth bomb fail.

((but this is what it said))

Pretty sure if you look up "True Love" in the dictionary it will totally say:
True Love (Trew Luv) adj. when one significant other photobooth bombs the other significant other's rap video rendition of Vanilla Ice Ice Baby while holding up a sign to devote one's love.

Also if you see me going off to the left at all its b/c im trying to shove Bub back into the bedroom. Trust me guys we're totally and completely crazy fo each othah, he just drive me nuts sometimes (and by sometimes I mean all day erryday)

werd to ya muthah

Amazing Pictures from the Last Space Shuttle Launch

Bub and I share a love for photography. But it wasn't always that way. When we first started dating 3 years ago Bub's only camera was a lil 3MP olympus point and shoot (I know, cute right?)

I used to drag him around on all my photo excursions. At first he wouldn't understand why I would run around and take photos of abandoned buildings or fast moving carnival rides. It wasn't till he saw my "end result" of the actual photo that he finally got it.

So, I inspired him to give photography a go.

He now owns way more camera equipment than I do and can work a camera better than me (not sure how I feel about that yet...)

Seeing him grow into one helluva photographer has been--for lack of a better term--pretty freakin awesome.

Since he's in the air force he had an opportunity to go see the very last space shuttle to ever leave earth. Check out his pictures...they give me goosebumps. (I kinda feel like a proud mama right now)

not only have I rubbed off on him--but he has rubbed off on me too.

He has gotten me to go ATV-ing in abandoned construction zones (not gonna lie, kinda petrifying)

 pssshhh you didn't think I'd wear my clothes to get them covered in dirt--did ya?? Nope. It clearly states in the boyfriend handbook that the girlfriend has free reign over any and all clothing that said boyfriend possesses. Girlfriend also has the right to steal boyfriend's clothes for the following reasons: She's too cold, she needs a shirt to sleep in, she doesn't wanna get her clothes covered in mud.

isn't my pink helmet so rad guys?

Few things you should know about this photo: Steve's boots that I am wearing are not supposed to be "brown" and wearing 5 layers of clothing in the middle of november in NY will make you look like you gained 15 lbs

He has *attempted* to get me to get over my fear of heights

and oh yeah, I shot a gun.

how have you guys rubbed off on each other?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! (Hey, Thanks!)

I'll admit it. I am totally 100% guilty of sending notes to friends or customers and simply scratching down my little love note on those giant obnoxious bright yellow sticky pads.

not ok.

I figured an easy way to remedy this was to make you lovelies some free "note card" printables! (I personally like "Holla!" cause I feel like it unleashes my inner bad ass gangsta) (can I say "ass" on blogger?) (I can, right? Cause I just did)

enjoy guys!

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Apartment Criteria

Bubs and I currently live in a basement apartment.

To be honest its just too small for the 2 of us.

So we scoured craigslist in hopes of finding our "temporary dream place"

No exaggeration, about 5 different occasions (over the course of a month and a 1/2) Bub and I will find thee most PERFECT apartment listing. We'll make a date to go see said apartment, only to be told 1 hour before we're about to leave to go see it that "…oh heeeey, uhh the person who came right before ya took it. Sorry"


do you know how discouraging this is?

I think I should tell you bout our current place and then maybe you'll understand the level of discouragement that I feel.

-first off like I said its a basement apartment. We will sleep in till 1 in the afternoon because there is no sunlight in that place. I feel like a bird with a blanket over its cage.

-the insulation? HA! what insulation? I swear the only thing separating us from the people upstairs is toilet paper (and the single ply stuff that you find in park bathrooms)

-upstairs lives a single mom with 2 teenage kids named Rob and Amy (I only know their names because said teenage kids like to have "Jerry Springer-esque" tournaments upstairs where they scream their names at each other.) During the fight you'll hear the mom scream "YOU BROKE THE CHAIR AGAIN"--wait, I'm sorry, you broke the chair AGAIN? There was another occasion when you felt the need to throw your kitchen chair 1/2 way across the apartment at 1 in the afternoon?

...just put the chair DOWN

-Mom finds it necessary to move furniture for the cable man at 5am when her appointment with him is at 11am. No, it's ok, I really didn't want to sleep in on a saturday--I love being woken up to the sound of furniture being scrapped against a hardwood floor at 5am. In fact, I love it so much I request you do this every morning if thats ok with you.

-After moving furniture she then finds the need to vacuum at 7am. I bang on the ceiling hoping she'll "get the hint" but apparently that means "hey lets call the land lord and complain that the people down stairs do not want me to move furniture and vacuum at sunrise". How dare we, our apologies lady upstairs--please carry on.

-We share the driveway. Bub and I park in a little nook off the side of it and she gets the "main" part. Most of the time just her car is there (since she is the only one who has a car), sometimes she'll have 2 cars there. It is MEGA tight to back out when there are 2 cars on her side. Bub asked her to please only have 1 car in the driveway since the 2 cars makes it impossible for us to back out. She again complains to the landlord. Again lady upstairs how dare we want to get in and out of the driveway--you are right, we are totally out of line. To make up for our outlandish request how bout we let you do laundry downstairs at 2am? Oh no, wait, you do that anyway.

So I refuse to settle for anything that doesn't have the following:

-WE get to be the "People upstairs"

-there are 3 bedrooms. One for Bub and I. One for Bub and I's office crizzap, and a spare room for a ball pit. I think every apartment needs a ball pit. Besides it'll give me a chance to hide in it right before Bub comes home from work. Just cause I can.

partay at my crib

-Instead of stairs we're going to have a waterslide. Come on over folks, it's gonna be a good time. Unsure how we're gonna have running water inside a house but we'll figure it out--this is just a minor detail--big picture guys WATER SLIDE.

awww sookie sookie

-I'm unsure how we get back upstairs since we only have waterslide, but again minor detail.

-our walls are made out of the same material as those jump jump houses. I wanna be able to run full force into a wall, body slam into it, and be ricochet into the ball pit.

look, guys, I'm in my living room.

-We will never run out of milk ever again. We will have our own personal cow that pumps our own personal milk. The cow will be name Madame Tulula

waddup Tulula

-We will have our own parking lot with a valet. That way we never have to worry about where to park the car--ever.

what do ya'll think? Wanna swing by?