Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vloggin' Dance Partaaay

Few Things.

I love youtube. I get to relive my youth through all there oh-so-uh-may-zing videos. I get to watch the intros to Doug and Boy meets world and I also get to rock out to Backstreet boy music videos.

Its like I get to be 16 all over again--ya know minus the terrible bowl haircut and awkward dance moves.

Well...ok, I guess some things you don't outgrow.

So just to let you know every thursday there is going to be a Linky dance partaaay on my blog! RSVP by July 28th ;) make sure that your vlogs are of you dancing like a mad woman.

Also I had to make 2 videos again, one talking and one of me getting down with mah bad self.

By the way 1/2 way through my *N SYNC dance routine my video got all wonky and made me out of sync with the song (kinda ironic, huh? I guess thats what I get for not going with my gut and doing Backstreet Boy's "Larger than Life")


I cant believe I keep doing this week after week...


  1. i love you ridiculously much! these videos are the hihglights of my thursday!!! looking forward to the party next week!!

  2. YES YES YES!!!!! My husband asked if he could come. I told him no...

    Too awesome.
    I though you would have a strong accent but you don't. You sound normal.
    And when I played this Charlie (the 2 1/2 yo) started dancing along.


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