Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Faves! The "I Love New York!" edition

I LOVE living in New York.

I can travel an hour and a 1/2 east and be in the Hamptons, or I can travel an hour and a 1/2 west and be in New York City. It's just a shame that I don't do it more often.

Here are some things that I think are totally and completely far out (did I just really say "far out"? Let's just make pretend that Far Out is still super cool to say...I'm trying to bring it back ok guys?)

 1. Customizable New York State Pillow by Love California
2. New York State the Empire State (and the Big Apple) by Madypidy
3. New York Love by Poppy Pinecone
4. From Buffalo with Love by Hero Design Studio
5. New York State of Mind Series by Hndswrkshp
6. California State Map, State Love by Paint Me a Picture
7. I Heart California Necklace by Fajita Fieldtrip

What a fun way to display some love for ya hood! (Yeah, I said "hood" makes me feel super legit)

Speaking of Hometown Love, didja see the 2 newest lovelies to enter the shop?

Long Distance Map Love by Yellow Heart Art

 Long Distance US Love by Yellow Heart Art

There is a little heart "Speech bubble" for you and for the person you're missing or smitten on! I even included a little "love trail" to show the distance between you guys.

Totally in love with my latest Maps, next time Bub is deployed I'll make myself a lil map of where we both are so the distance won't seem so bad.

Happy friday loves!


  1. Totally flattered to be in your Friday faves! :) And I am loving the long distance prints! Almost makes me want to send the hubs to a far away place just so I can hang a cool print on my wall... almost. ;)

  2. New York is my absolute favorite place on earth. I keep telling Joe to get a job out there so we can MOVE. haha

  3. Love those! I'm a little obsessed when it comes to decorating with states...I think it's because I moved a lot growing up and never had a home town to identify with :)

  4. that long distance map is such a cute idea!

  5. Hey Girl!

    I just ordered one of these for my mom - she's in Montana and I'm in Maui!! Just wanted to check out your blog because you're business card was so dope - I knew I would like you!!

    Thanks again for making such cute stuff!

    Aloha!! xo


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