Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vlog-o-licious Thursdays!

Another round of me dancing like a lyrical fool.

This time to Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Babaaay

I couldn't avoid making this video when Bub wasn't home...he PROMISED me he would stay in bedroom, with the door shut, lights off and under the covers of the bed.

Well, he lied.

Yes guys Bub makes a cameo, he made a sign--but he didn't realize that Photo Booth makes everything mirrored imaged so ya can't really read it ha.

Photobooth bomb fail.

((but this is what it said))

Pretty sure if you look up "True Love" in the dictionary it will totally say:
True Love (Trew Luv) adj. when one significant other photobooth bombs the other significant other's rap video rendition of Vanilla Ice Ice Baby while holding up a sign to devote one's love.

Also if you see me going off to the left at all its b/c im trying to shove Bub back into the bedroom. Trust me guys we're totally and completely crazy fo each othah, he just drive me nuts sometimes (and by sometimes I mean all day erryday)

werd to ya muthah


  1. hahahah.
    Honestly that cuteness from your Bub makes me wish mine would actually move in. As crazy as mine makes me too.

  2. Ummm...I'm going to need you to do more of these. Seriously. Mmmkay?

  3. Cabbage Patch?! Walk Like An Egyptian?! The Fish On the Line?! Girl, you have the best dance moves EVAH! And I love Bub's surprise cameo! For next week's vlog, tell him if he wants to make a cameo then he has to be dancing, cuz those are the rules. You are awesome!

  4. aww i love that smile at the end!


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