Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! Life Is Good.

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a swanky printable for you lovelies every week??

So I am totally 100% open to any and all suggestions--I mean as long as its doable. If you want me to make you a 3-D printable of your dog's favorite toy so you can stop going to petco every other day then, well, you're completely outta luck home skillet.

But I guess if yellow heart art doesn't pan out I could always attempt to make 3-D paper dog toys? I would always be in business since they would fail in about .5 seconds so you would have to keep buying new ones from me.

Ok moving on.

Enjoy this weeks printable! A free fine art print letting you know that Hey, Life is pretty darn good.

Reasons for life being good right now:
• I've been eating italian ices for breakfast (what? its considered fruit, right?)
• Bub built us a GORGEOUS headboard from scratch (don't worry, will blog)
• Overy 1,000 people have "hearted" my shop on etsy and this.news.makes.me.wanna.type.like.this.to.show.how.stoked.i.am (seriously guys, THANK YOU!!)
• I saved over 50 bucks on moo.com yesterday (business cards for everyyyyyyyyyyoneeeeeee!!!) (thats my impersonation of Oprah--I know, spot on)

happy tuesday!

oh and a very happy birthday to my sister today!

((she's on the right))

((wow my hair was SHORT!))

((times are tough, we can't afford shades so we steal the 3D glasses from cereal boxes as protective eye wear from the sun))

((ok joke))


  1. love the printable :) happy birthday to your sis!

  2. What a cute printable girl!! You are so talented!! I love seeing all the amazing things you come up with each week!! :)

  3. thanks for sharing the printable! everyone needs to recognize that and to give thanks DAILY for the little blessings in life!

  4. Love this!!! but im not able to get the printable to pull up, the window opens but that printable has an "X"


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