Thursday, July 28, 2011


GUYS! it's here!

You know the deal, one vlog of me talkin and one vlog of me werkin' it.

And this week, this is the first Vlog link up dance partay! Go on, make a fool of yourself. It feels good to rock out to 90s one hit wonders.

Vlog #1:

oh and reason for said migraine that I couldn't say on my vlog (since the insulation between me and the people upstairs is pretty much single ply toilet paper...) the ever so lovely folks who occupy the upstairs apartment decided to be up till 2am Monday night and Tuesday night, and they also decided to be up at 5:45am.

Now, I'm no math wizard, but that left me a very small window of opportunity to sleep.

No sleep = migraine.

Migraine = taking off from work

Taking off from work and wasting vacation time to sleep = cranky Leonora

it's really a vicious cycle.

Ok, onto the goodies. Just to warn ya: My milkshake does bring all da boys to da yard

Link up ya'll!

(OH! and don't forget today is the LAST DAY to win store credit to Jaclyn1423 Etsy! Enter HERE!)

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  1. duuuuude, what are you talking about the lack of moves?! those were moves like no other!!! i could not stop craaaacking it up - i loved it so much! thanks for the shout-out. ;)

    and i know, i know i am lame. the stupid video didn't load. i even had my laptop on all day and it didn't finish processing. so i am re-doing it tomorrow on a FLIP cam instead - gah! it's gonna happen. i am joining this party!!!


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