Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vloging it--don't judge

Ok, biggest.writers.block.EVAH

so clearly the only thing to solve this problem was to publicly humiliate myself all over the interweb by recording not 1, not 2 but oh yes 3 videos of me.

Ok, so you kinda have to watch all 3. I kept screwing it up--I suck at the whole "hey lets make a vlog" game.

My Bad.

The 1st video is of me being supah stoked about my first blog.
The 2nd one is me taking a hot second to explain how I screwed up the 1st video.

and the 3rd video is, well, just epic.

Enjoy ya'll!

Taking votes as to what song to do next week. Leave the designated numbah in the comments below!
1. Hammer Time (I will scour the thrift stores for harem pants STAT)
2. Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise
3. Will Smith Big Willy Style
4. Supah Freak

oh and hey don't forget, I'm giving away this bad boy! LAST DAY TO ENTER IS TODAY! Go here to get ya entries in!

I Make Pretty Things All Day by Yellow Heart Art


  1. You just made me love you 10x more.

  2. i cannot stop laughing!! i love all 3 vlogs so much - and yes the last one is EPIC!! hahaha - love you soooo much, crazy woman!!! when we meet up one day, can we please do a vlog together - but it has to be like that 3rd one, ok? promise? promise?!!

    p.s. vote - hammer time with the pants,pls.

  3. Um, can I please do a duet of Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise with you someday? I know every. single. freakin'. lyric.

  4. Oh, and I just played the 3rd one in front of Josiah. He won't stop dancing. Maybe you guys should have a face-off.

  5. Totally No. 4. Hands down. And you're hilarious and adorbs.

  6. Makes me want to dance! So funny :)

  7. That is the best things I've ever seen. Thank you! I vote for #2.

  8. That's so embarrassing that you knew all the lyrics, oh wait, there are no did an awesome job :) me and my five year old loved it! My vote is for gangstas paradise, its been way too long since I've heard that, bring it!

  9. Hahaha this is the best thing ever! I love the "walking down the stairs" move- classic. You are a delight. Next week! Big Willy Style. All the way. Or Men in Black, if that's on the table. :)

  10. Can I just say that you are my new favorite person. I'm glad I came across your blog :)

  11. Haha! This is great. Also, did you almost kill the dog at one point? Love it.

    And I vote for Hammer Time, but ONLY if you have the pants-- it's only right.

  12. You are more white girl than me and I didn't know that was possible!
    Oh and gangsta paradise for real. It better win.

    Love your bravery.

  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing! i need more friends like this in my life!

  14. that was completely HI-LA-RIOUS! you are so crazy funny. how did u keep a straight face and still look fab (none of that 'trying to catch my breath') the whole time???

  15. And this is why I love you.... :)

  16. 1. hammer time..

    and also there are several things i love about this.

    first off, it's 11:30 on a friday night and I'm watching this and DYING of laughter. you need to do this EVERY week.

    second of all i think we need to meet in real life. when are you in seattle? can bubs get some military connections for you to come out here? because secretly i love nsync (and justin my man) and i think there needs to be some vlog dancin' action there.

    and finally, i kept waiting for your man to show up halfway through and be like...uh whatcha doing?

    your blog is a bright spot. thanks ;)


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