Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amazing Pictures from the Last Space Shuttle Launch

Bub and I share a love for photography. But it wasn't always that way. When we first started dating 3 years ago Bub's only camera was a lil 3MP olympus point and shoot (I know, cute right?)

I used to drag him around on all my photo excursions. At first he wouldn't understand why I would run around and take photos of abandoned buildings or fast moving carnival rides. It wasn't till he saw my "end result" of the actual photo that he finally got it.

So, I inspired him to give photography a go.

He now owns way more camera equipment than I do and can work a camera better than me (not sure how I feel about that yet...)

Seeing him grow into one helluva photographer has been--for lack of a better term--pretty freakin awesome.

Since he's in the air force he had an opportunity to go see the very last space shuttle to ever leave earth. Check out his pictures...they give me goosebumps. (I kinda feel like a proud mama right now)

not only have I rubbed off on him--but he has rubbed off on me too.

He has gotten me to go ATV-ing in abandoned construction zones (not gonna lie, kinda petrifying)

 pssshhh you didn't think I'd wear my clothes to get them covered in dirt--did ya?? Nope. It clearly states in the boyfriend handbook that the girlfriend has free reign over any and all clothing that said boyfriend possesses. Girlfriend also has the right to steal boyfriend's clothes for the following reasons: She's too cold, she needs a shirt to sleep in, she doesn't wanna get her clothes covered in mud.

isn't my pink helmet so rad guys?

Few things you should know about this photo: Steve's boots that I am wearing are not supposed to be "brown" and wearing 5 layers of clothing in the middle of november in NY will make you look like you gained 15 lbs

He has *attempted* to get me to get over my fear of heights

and oh yeah, I shot a gun.

how have you guys rubbed off on each other?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the pic of he both of your feet, flying together over the water- adorbs!

    When I first met my love, his diet consisted mostly of Kool-aid and Hamburger Helper and he made fun of me for being a "hippie". Now he's the one eating organic yogurt and granola and sipping on unsweetened green tea all day.

    And, on the flipside, I now have a rifle and a membership to "target world". Who knew.

  2. i looooved this post!!! yes, bubs' photography is rocking and i loved all the pictures of your adventures together!!

    and YES, ryan and i have def rubbed off on each other - he appreciates photography and art and being creative...which still amazes me and cracks me up at the same time! he's a total man's man. and i totally am so into college footaball since i met him - goooooo UGA bulldawgs!!! what about them dawgs?!

    okay,excuse the novel. we'll just have to all double date one day to discuss this. ;)

  3. what?? he got to see it? that's soo coool! i was actually in orlando at the same time too and i met bugsbeanmomma the day before!!

  4. aww that's so sweet!

    my husband got me into american football (fantasy leagues no less, and i was top of the league that first year!) and in return, he listens to my indie rock playlists more than his rap now. :p


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