Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bub VS. Toots (again)

Bub and I live together.

I wanna decorate the apartment all swank-o-licious

One of said swank-o-licious items is this beaut from Urban Outfitters:

Crosely Pay Phone by Urban Outfitters

Only I would want an old school Rotary Phone for our apartment. Screw "face time" and "teleportation" I like to keep things old school.

This is how the "convo" went with bub when I brought the idea of having this epic creation in our crib.

"whatever babe" sounds like a yes to me, right?


consider it ours bub, consider it ours.

Oh and sorry for the curve ball, Bub's name is Steve (who knew?)

what battles have you "won"?

Happy Saturday!


  1. i am currently the breadwinner. i win every round. :p

    good call on the payphone! it's so cute! you should totally build a phone booth to go with it!

  2. I love it! Does it really accept quarters? That's so cute! Steve sounds super excited about it! :)


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