Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yellow Heart Art Grand Re-Opening!

3 months. 3 months of:
-scouring the web for supplies
-scour some more for more supplies
-writing (lots and lots of writing)


(aaaand exhale)

and 3 months later it is finally here. what is "it" you ask? well "it" be my Grand Re-opening of Yellow Heart Art! (english teachers across America are cringing at that sentence ha!)

The vacation mode is finally over! I am back and in full force ;) I am so stoked to introduce you guys to some new lovelies in the shop!

We have new takes on old favorites! I now have "best sellers" in more color choices. (cause let's be honest, who doesn't love a little power? a little control? a little "hey, I  WANT THAT!")

Also *new* to the shop are more "Word Art" inspired graphic prints filled with those quirky fun sayings that are a signature staple to Yellow Heart Art.

And "Wordless" Art! New Illustrations have been added! 

Not only do we have swanky artwork to decorate your walls, but we also have artwork to decorate you! All of our art necklaces are 100% original artwork designed by me. I then printed the art on fabric and placed in these 3 piece pendant trays.

I decided to take the concept of printing on fabric and take it to the next step. I wanted to create fun pillows that weren't square or rectangle shape. I wanted it to be different & fun, so thats where the inspiration from my new line of "Squishable Art" came from, cause who wouldn't wanna squeeze a Picasso or a DaVinci? Exactly.

His & Hers Pillows

Finally one of our other new products is a line called "Quick Thoughts". Quick Thoughts are a set of 5 sticky notes where we start off a phrase and you end it by filling in our empty thought bubble. Tell hubs you can't wait to pinch his butt when he comes home from work or leave a little bit of love in your kid's lunches! Also great as a last minute gift tag or to spruce up your shop packaging for customers.

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU for everyone who has been so patient. And an even BIGGER thank you to all my customers who purchased something from me while on my vacation mode and willing to wait weeks for their stuff to arrive. You guys are all amazing and with out your support Yellow Heart Art would not even be possible.


  1. OMG!!! Cuteness overload!!!!! I love it all!! You are so talented girl!!

  2. wow awesomeness and congrats! These are truly great products and I hope you will do well. As a graphic designer I can see you that you probably spent a lot time on each piece!

  3. in LOVE with everything, friend! waaaay to go!!

  4. It's all stunning, Leonora! I'm serious. I love the fabric art best-- necklaces and squishable art! So great!

  5. Holy cow, you've been a busy woman. These are amazing, Leonora! Good job!!

  6. ok, the his and her underwear are too too cute. I think that would make me smile every single time I walked into my bedroom ;)

  7. i love your pillows!!! that camera one is too cute!!!

  8. I am loving all your new designs lady! I have no idea how you print onto fabric, but it's fabulous, and that "You got me wrapped up in you" print is adorable! :)


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