Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Changing.

consider my life forever changed.

I have been seeing all over twitter and pinterest a lot of lovely ladies trying this tutorial for no heat curls.

To achieve said curls you take 3 socks, divide your hair into 3 sections, dampen already dry hair, and wrap a section onto the sock, tie a knot, sleep, then untie sock and BOOM insta-curls.

I was all like "yeah, ok, you mean to tell me a gym sock & a nap can make me look like a modern day Farrah Fawcett?"

This is what my hair normally looks like.

Ok, thats kind of a lie. This is my hair once it has been BBQed with a hair dryer then further torched with a flat iron. (oh yea this is also a new product shot of my new lil birdie necklaces that will appear in the shop this week. Shameless plug? Hey, just go with it...) (also if you're diggin the bow Heather makes a bunch of lovelies that you can snatch up!)

Imagine taking a poodle and brushing its hair for, like, 15 minutes. Thats pretty much my hair in natural state. It's normally wavy and kinky and all kinds of scary.

But for this tutorial I started with my hair pin straight, dampened it with a spritzer thingy-ma-jiggy full of water, tied socks to my head, and got curls (see below)

WARNING: you're significant other will look at you super strange and ask "Um, are those socks tangled up in your do?" right before you go to sleep. Just act like its totally normal and make them think they're the crazy ones.


-This was my 2nd attempt, my first try came out a little gnarly because I didn't dampen it enough the first time. Dampening it is key since when your hair is drying it takes on the "curl" shape. Do not saturate hair, it will not dry all the way if you do so.
-Make sure you tuck in the ends. DO NOT leave them out. They will stay straight and look super strange. Also really get the ends more damp than the rest of your hair, you want them to bend.
-I flipped my hair upside down and did a shake to break up the curls.
-I added the no-frizz serum. Helped keep the curls from being unruly.

Looks like poor bub will be seeing more socks in my hair. This is my new go-to look.
what hair styles have you tried lately?


  1. ive been wanting to try this :) i will soon and hopefully will look as gorgeous as yours! xo

  2. I love this look it's gorgeous! I'm so incredibly jealous of your long hair -_- !! x

  3. i'm so mad you didn't post pics w/the socks in your hair! it turned out awesome, i'm going to have to try this. you always have the best links for hair tutorials! thanks :)

  4. your tweet last night regarding Bubs' comment craaaacked me up. that is probably something Ryan would say - ha! you look amazing - but then again, you always do. this just makes it 100x more amazing if that's possible. hehe. <3 you!

  5. it looks amazing!! I have never had much success with heat curlers, I'll have to try it. Thanks :)

    -rachel w k

  6. You look so cute! I have burned myself twice this past weekend with a new curling iron (one with no clip) so I might have sworn off that now. I might have to try this technique!

  7. wow! it really worked! keeping this in mind when my hair gets a bit longer :)

  8. OMG! I've seen this too and have been wanting to try it. Thanks so much for this post!

  9. happy to have found you from the 'creatives' group ;)
    New follower! Love this post & YOUR SHOP!!!! I am a sucker for prints!!

  10. new follower here, too! love all your stuff and your cute little bow is fabulous!

  11. I'm getting one of those bird necklaces! Love it :)

  12. And I love your hair of course!

  13. Wow, super cute! Question - how long did the curls last for?

  14. Where's the "before" pics? The ones with the socks on your head....?? : )

  15. All the posts are coming from ladies, so, spicing it up with a non Lady comment.
    I like the hair in all the pictures, so .. I think it's the hair that's working, not the remodeling :P

    Cheers :)


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