Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HelloOoOOO Fall! Apple Picking & First Date Encounters

This weekend the Bubs and I decided to take advantage of the fact that we live near the Hamptons and took a trip to get us some apples.

On the way we stopped at Foodys for some lunch. Foodys is a place where we accidentally had our first date 3 years ago. Our first official date was a tour of a light house in Montauk (Disclaimer: this was not as romantic as it sounds. I totally blanked and forgot that I am deathly afraid of heights and cramped spaces. Needless to say when we got to the top of the lighthouse I was convinced that was going to be my "new permanent home" because there was no way in heck I was coming down. My knees were buckling, tears streaming down my face, hyperventilating, I was prepared to be the princess locked up in some tower somewhere for all eternity.) BUT I finally got down somehow and we used Bub's Tom Tom to try to find us some food.

Every restaurant we typed in the GPS would take us into some neighborhood, place us in front of someone's house, and tell us we reached our destination.

Now, I wasn't about to knock on these people's door and be all like "Waddup ya'll, whats for dinner cause clearly we're eating with you guys."

So we drove up and down trying to find a place to eat and found Foodys. So now whenever we are in the area we always make sure to stop there for some grub.

They have some vintage food posters on the walls & awesome wire art

I took a pic with the menu & we made some obligatory funny faces

 sorry the photo is blurry, we may or may not have turned off the flash to *not* be those people in a cute little hamptons cafe taking obnoxious blog photos. Clearly we're "out-of-towners"

We had to pay 32 bucks for this stupid bag to fill our apples with. (see said bag below) I offered a kidney instead but they said they really had no need for one. So 32 bucks it was...

I was kinda excited to pick some apples...

and so was bub. that's his excited face, don't let him fool you.

aaand obligatory photo opp in the apple orchard minus apples, seriously look at the trees.

poor bub, I was getting the most bang for my buck. You're gonna charge me 32 bucks for a plastic bag that I stuff with apples then you know I am stuffing that bad boy to.the.max.

It weighed the amount of a small child and ironically bub kinda had to hold the bag like a child at this point too...

what did you do this weekend friends?? <3


  1. i loooved these pictures of you and Bubs. i think that you, Bubs, and me and my Fubs would have a blast together! seriously, love apple picking and eating - perfect date!

  2. I've never been apple picking! It looks fantastic, though. Definitely worth the $32 at least once. :)

  3. i hope you're making apple pies for everybody!! Can't believe they charged 32 bucks, but it does look like a lot of fun!

    -rachel w k

  4. $32?? Wow! It was only $16 for us and I refused to pay when I could get apples already picked by someone else inside. Haha. But the youth group had fun doing it. ;-) You and Bubs are so cute! Bubs "excited" face looks like my Hubs "excited" face.

  5. Well, we didn't do anything NEARLY that fun.

    Our first date was to Sonic :) So we get to relive that all the time. Not quite so special.

  6. New to your blog!!! :) Came over from Moriah's blog. are so talented!!!
    Your newest follower :)

    I really love your work... doing a Holiday Craft Fair over on my blog. Would love if you would check it out to see if you're interested!
    Have a great rest of your week!


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