Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Faves!

This weeks friday faves will try to have a theme of sorts, but I dont think it will haha!

So, we're just gonna go with it and see what happens. You all ready? annnnnnd go.

I am in love with this, mainly because her art reminds me of my friend Kate. You guys don't know kate so this statement means nothing to you all. But rest assure kate is pretty awesome, swear.

I love cameras. I love saying hello. I love art. I love this card. End of story.

Yes to everything about this cute little purse. I need it for my wedding. Disclaimer: I'm not engaged, let's not tell Bub I need this for my wedding, kay? Or else there will be a little "Dust Outline" all Looney Toons style of Bub's body from where he took off like the wind.

Oh, whats that? The link you clicked on said it was sold? That's cause It's mine (evil laugh) I can not WAIT to wear this lovely all in mah 'do. 

this takes my love for chevron to the next level. 

Ok, screw the iPad, someone buy me this coat. (ok, can I have the iPad *and* the coat? Ok, I'm selfish, I'll admit it, admitting it is the first step)

(...sooo whats the status of that iPad?)

(no iPad? ok. fine.)

happy fridays guys!

and in case you missed it, we're OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN! check our our NEW STUFF!


  1. Ohhh I am intrigued now! I love that my character reminds me of your friend :) I always find it funny how people connect to the characters on an emotional level, I never imagined it would do that. Thanks for blogging my work!

  2. I am smitten with that coat!!
    And the dust outline made me laugh!! I could totally see him blazing a trail to the mountains if he head that!! haha. Just kidding! You are so cool I am sure he would love to marry you! :)
    I love love love that first print + congrats on your new headband!! :)

  3. I'm shipping out your headband today! And OMG I want. that. coat.

  4. Ummm, wow! LOVE that jacket. Let's split the cost & share it, what do you say? :)

  5. Je t'aime that purse and the necklace too. I love how you pull off all those floral headbands. I'd look a damn fool in one of those bad boys!

  6. Thanks to you, I'm spending way too much time on Etsy looking at the jewelry made by Prairie Oats. Seriously? Too pretty.

  7. That zipper purse is fantastic! So chic.


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