Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes and Faves!

Hey Friends! Halloween is just round the corner, and I really really *really* love getting dressed up.

...and if you guessed that there is going to be some ghetto photo montage of me copying and pasting facebook photos of me from past halloweens then you would be right.

my FAVORITE couple costume of all.frekkin.time. Mario & Princess Toadstool. Yep, we made our entire outfits too--big ups to forever 21 for having obnoxiously bright pink homecoming dresses. And yes, I did make bub's block props--best girlfriend ever? Maybe.

 but this year we went as Betty and Barney rubble. Ignore my poor excuse of hair in this photo--it was taken in Disney World where there was 95% humidity. My outfit was an old swim cover up from Target that I "bettied" up. By the way I died seeing Bub gallivant around disney in a Water Buffalo Hat. Even the 5 yr olds were making fun of him--best day ever. HA!

Mafiosa! Disclaimer: That dude? No idea who he is. This tends to happen a lot from all my college photos. (I'm on the left--ya know had to be the jerk that stood out obviously)

COME AT ME BRO! (snookie for the win) (I'm from Long Island, it only seemed right to be Snookie) also I really don't wanna admit that for this snookie costume I didn't need to buy a damn thing. Yeah, guilty as charged for owning that "Dirty" T. Judge away--I deserve it.

Remember how I said a lot of my photos from college consist of dudes who we don't know who they are? (also made this one for the win! Black button downs, duct tape & electrical tape--aww sookie sookie) (I'm the short one) (figures)

oh hey--I did find a use for my old High School prom dress 5 years later. And yes, my friend did put black paint on her car tires and run over her old bridesmaids dress--guess the bride was right, she would find a way to wear it again. Also? we did roll around on her front lawn to get leaves in our hair...we are dedicated to halloween.

anyway, I asked my friend Annie from Wattlebird to share with you guys her faves for halloween! she's mega stoked about it just as must as me--Holla atcha girl.


Hi there, YHA readers! I'm so happy Leonora is letting me guest post today on one of my very favorite topics EVER - Halloween! I usually go to a few Halloween parties every year, but they're the type of parties where people just drink beer and listen to music and girls wear skimpy costumes... you get the idea. But I'm much more of a "family" party type of girl. I really enjoy themed foods and cheesy games and costumes that people actually put a lot of time and thought into. Here are some things that would be at my dream of a Halloween party. Decor
for the front porch - funny bert and ernie pumpkins festive on the inside - witch legs a handmade touch - fabric pumpkins easy DIY - mason jar lanterns Food
the appetizer - pumpkin dip with chips straight up dessert - chocolate peanut butter eyeballs dessert disguised as fruit - white chocolate strawberry ghosts food to-go - candy filled headstones munchies - snack-filled frankenstein cones Costumes
easy DIY - paper doll for a group - rock, paper, scissors just so pretty - Mary Poppins for your inner geek - super mario trap plant and my very favorite - comic book character Games
fun for kids - skeleton scavenger hunt doubles as decor - pop goes the pumpkin a classic - bobbing for apples during scary stories - dead man's guts I hope you enjoyed my nostalgic, cheesy party ideas. And thanks again to Leonora for letting me guest post! Stop by my blog, wattlebird, and say hi if you feel so inclined. I'd love to "meet" you!


  1. love all this-- esp. the bert & ernie pumpkins!! amazing!!!

  2. o. m. g.
    O. M. G.
    O! M! G!
    Leonora!!!! You are like that Halloween queen!! I love each and every single one of these outfits!!! You are so stinkin' cute!! I love you as Betty + your as princess toadstool!!!! You are just adorable!! I just want to hug you!!! :)

  3. You guys are too cute! Your post would be great for my linkup today for Fashion Friday. If you want to link up and get some traffic and new followers, just edit your post, add the button from my linkup and link back to me, then republish post! That's it! Hope you can be a part of it. Have a great weekend honey! Kori xoxo

  4. I'm so jealous hubs dresses up with you! My husband won't dress up ever! You two are so cute! xo

  5. dressing up for halloween is so much fun! love all your costumes! :)

  6. I think my favorite has to be Snooki ;) Thanks for linking up to Scatter Girls!


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