Monday, May 9, 2011

Minature Dr.Phil

ahhh weekends. Weekends and I have a really good relationship. The weekend doesn't make me wake up early. The weekend doesn't force me to go to work. The weekend also allows me to cheat on my diet & spend some extra time with the Bubs.
The weekend is also good for some girly glam time.

This weekend I got to meet up with my home girl Heather. We've been friends for 9 years now (and she's not sick of me yet).

We had a relaxing day of pedicures. (Yeah, I know, my supplied foam flip flops are straight up gangsta. Way cooler than the tweed flats I was sportin' in the nail salon--thinkin' I need to find a way to wear these out in public stat)

We ran into a store that would have been perfect for the Royal wedding. Too bad Heather and I had to check off "regretfully decline" to the royal affair since we didn't have any snazzy hats to wear. Maybe William and Kate and get re-married so we can show off our British Chic looks?

 (not sure why I have a pseudo demonic look here--but I quickly rectified this problem stat. I knew the brits prefer the serious "smell the fart" look so I obliged and I "smelled the fart"--thinkin it was successful)

We also decided to celebrate cinco de Mayo on the 7th. So "siete de mayo" it is!
We got this suh-weet worry dolls for free. There these lil dudes (probably an inch tall) that you spew your guts to before you go to bed. You place them under your pillow and when you wake up they make your worries go away. They're kinda like miniature portable Dr.Phills. (pretty handy)

My worry doll was getting fresh with me

how was your weekend loves??


  1. Sharon Turner a.k.a. Tupelo HoneyMay 9, 2011 at 10:22 AM

    Hahaha! I was forced last year (b/c 'the man' refuses to follow my rules) to have a Siete de Mayo party! This year, thankfully, the calendar cooperated and we celebrated Cinco de Mayo ~ I think he's getting on board with my 'we-MUST-celebrate-ALL-holidays-that-allow-us-to-eat-and-drink-all-things-Mexican' entertainment rule. But I sorta kinda think my delicious buffet spread that I provided for him and the neighbor folks played a little part in swaying him. All my neighbors said I should open a restaurant ~ heeheehee, a MEXICAN restaurant at that! <3 Love reading about your adventures! Have a groovy day, Leonora!

  2. every since the royal wedding, I want a cooling looking hat to too!

  3. i looooved these pictures and you are just so hilarious. looks like a fab weekend, woman!

  4. Oh my gravy. You make me laugh. Diet Coke with Lime nearly came out of my nose.

    What color is on your toes? Love the pink!

  5. I used to have a whole box full of worry dolls! They are the best, for sure. And those hats amazing, I'm sure the royal wedding will re-schedule so you can sport one of those bad boys :)



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