Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Faves! Bows make everything better :)

4. Gray Bow Collar/ Neck Cowl by Mojo Spa Style
7. Modern Marie - Spring 2011 Bow Clips by Sunshine and Carousels
6. Sweet Hair Bows - Blue Floral and Peach Bobby Pins by Janellish

Hi, my name is Leonora and I am addicted to bows. Any kind of bows. Bows in your hair, around your neck and even on your feet (hey, your toes deserve to be little fashionistas too)

If I could I would rock a giant bow dress and channel my inner Lady Gaga. (side note: said obnoxious bow dress would not be made out of raw meat. Thinkin' something more user friendly like perhaps a nice satin or maybe, call me crazy, plain 'ol cotton)

I swoon over these little fabric gems. I wish I had more than one head so I could wear all my bows at once (ok, never mind, just visualized myself with a bunch of Leonora heads growing out of my neck--this is a bad idea. Let's stick to one head. It aint broke so don't fix it)

oh and hey, it's FRIDAY! (holla)


  1. So much cuteness! I love it all!

  2. yayyyy for bows!! what a great roundup and thanks for including mine! :)

  3. great roundup of all the great bows!!!

  4. I L O V E bows and this collection of them has me swooning!! I love each and every one of them!! Have a wonderful weekend love! xoox

  5. What a great post honey! I'm doing a post on bows next week for Fashion Friday!

    If you get a chance, check out my post today, we're doing a novel release party about the release of my first book! I'd love to have you stop by and be a part of the party! Have a fabulous Fashion Friday love! Kori xoxo

  6. so cute!! i just ordered a new bow from Illy!! and I'm LOVING the little clips for your shoes - hello - absolutely adorable. i think i need those as well!

    happy Friday, doll!

  7. Love the headband in #6, but there is NO way I could pull that off :(

  8. I'll take one of each, please! Swoon. Bows are pretty much the coolest thing since cupcakes. And electricity.


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