Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MEM to the ORIAL day & a WINNAH

Whew holy 3 day weekend batman.

Pretty sure if you were to cut me open right now you would find a giant heap of hot dogs and soft serve vanilla ice cream.

(Ok, so I may or may not have ran away from Bub at one point mid sentence just to sprint after the ice cream truck...it happens ok? Something comes over me when it involves soft serve ice cream from a banged up old white truck--I don't judge you on your hang ups)

My Memorial day weekend consisted of:
-an insane amount of hot dogs
-watching some gangsta old school fighter planes take off and land in an abandoned air traffic control tower (Bub knows how to take me out on a real swanky date)
-Went to quite a few Fire Department Picnics (yes folks not only is the boy in the air force but also in the fire department, I'm dating frekkin captain America)
-Checked out the memorial day parade in town
-Had a BBQ with my siblings (and 4 lil nephews)

One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing Bub take part in a memorial for our fallen heroes

 At one point during the ceremony they took a moment to honor those currently serving. The round of applause these 3 dashing young men got from the crowd was incredible. Bub is the one in the middle. See that hat he's wearing? I always try to steal it from him, but I never win. (what? I like hats almost as much as I like soft serve vanilla ice cream)

God Bless Our Troops.

and on a lighter note here is a pic of me trying to kiss a goat for absolutely no reason what so ever.

Oh Hey I believe you're also here to see if you won this pretty ballin' giveaway, no?

Well, if you're lucky number 15 bellow then COME ON DOWN and give homegirl a HOLLA!

Happy After Memorial Day!

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  1. WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I. AM. STOKED!!! Super adorable headbands, HERE I COME! Thanks Leonora and April! :)


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