Thursday, May 12, 2011

20 Things Bout Moi (and a giveaway!)

So I actually had this post saved in my "drafts" folder for quite some time now. I have gone back to it periodically and added somethings along the way.

I now present to you some facts about Leonora Jennifer "the Picture Book edition". (Hey, stories are always better with photos, right?)

1. I have a Bub. His name is Steve. We've been going strong for 3 years now and he drives me absolutely nuts.

our very first photo together. Yes matching camo pants--leave the comments to yourselves ;)

ahhh yes our nice trip to Texas. How he convinced me to do this is beyond me. Till this day I still have trust issues.

famous last words "Just Trust Me" (mega hammock fail)
(Trust Issues, see above to previous photo.)

he tries to look at my uno cards (cheater) 
(PS-cant ya feel the love in this photo? It's there, it's hidden but it's there)

he photo bombs my photos (sigh)

we can't take any nice photos together

and most boyfriends send their girlfriends sweet little text messages. Mine sends me photos of him holding my poor gingerbread cookie hostage.

2. The bigger the sunglasses the more likely I am to wear em.

I also dig shutter shades. Werd. (PS-this photo was taken at my little nephew's baptism. Yes my family is that awesome)

3. If you own a sketch looking van I will make a "free candy" sign and put it on there.

4. Somehow the Bubs still wanted to date me even after I stole his ski goggles, grabbed his guitar hero guitar, and rocked out hard. Way hard.

5. My cousin and I went on a scavenger hunt in NYC to "Find Mr.Wright" (get it? Mr.Wright? ha)

6. I will take any and every opportunity to dance with waiters while on vacation in Texas.

7. If there is a jump jump house I will kick out all the children just to get some ballin' profile picture photos.

8. I can't sing. I don't even make pretend I can sing. Thus if we go to karaoke together expect to see me making this face.

9. I was taking so many art classes my junior year of college that my face was stained in charcoal for months.

10. There are only 2 times in a young lady's life where she can feel like a princess. On her birthday and at disney. Yes, my name is Leonora and I still rock a tiara when I go to disney at age 27.

11. I have no shame. If you tell me to hop in a dumpster I will hop in a dumpster. Dumpster relay races are the best. A close second is shopping cart relay races.

12. You'll never find me dressed like a skank on halloween

dead prom queens...sexaaaaay

13. Yes, I gave in and had the "Beckham Bob" back in the hay day

14. My "go-to" look for every occasion.

obnoxious open mouth photos are the new black

15. I am deathly afraid of heights, yet I was totally ok being harnessed by some belts and a 5" carabiner and flown about by a parachute.

very disappointed I didn't get the chute with the giant smiley next time.

16. Bubs has left me on deployment 2 times. This days always blows.

17. Bub needs constant supervision. If not this is what ends up happening (sigh)

18. Superman is my BFF

19. I am impervious to the sun. I am 100% italian and have never had a tan in my whole life.

just call me casper

20. I could eat salami and provolone every day for lunch if it didn't cause severe death due to clogged arteries.

what are some random facts about you!

PS-HEY! our giveaway is still going on to score a suh-weet yellow heart art necklace!


  1. Following you on Twitter and just tweeted!


  2. What a great list! My hubby is a notorious photo-bomber too :) You two make a cute couple :)

  3. Such a great list! :)

  4. I'm in love with this post!

  5. This is completely outstanding and makes me want to be your friend.

    Donald Duck is my favoritest favorite. That you have a photo with him as an adult makes me unbearably jealous.

  6. 20 more reasons to love your guts {even if they are filled with salmi and provolone}


    I really love the gingerbread man held hostage. LOVE IT.
    I think love looks good on you two!

  8. okay, so i didn't think i could love you anymore. this post. THIS post. yes, THIS ONE made me love you even more. well, maybe not more than Bubs loves you...or more than i love Ryan, but you get the idea.

    i teared up with the deployment picture and pretty much laughed at all the other ones! LOVE YOU!

  9. i'm with ilene: i love you and your crazy self!!

  10. hahah this is AWESOME ! Love love love this post ;)

  11. lol, ditto to Ilene's comments. DIG IT!! You're adorable... and who doesn't love shutter shades?? WERD to yo MAMA! xo

  12. Bub's mom here. You're crazy, he's crazy, you're crazy together. Love you, love him, love you together. My tractor owns!


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