Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Bubs Tricked Me

It's 12am, the date just changed from April 29th to April 30th (the day the world was blessed with Leo2theNora-izzle, and yes I do realize that my nickname is rather long and winded) and my cell phone makes that little email chime.

STEVE! (that's bub by the way, I know calling him Steve is totally weird right?) WHY did you turn on my PHONE?! WHO is emailing me NOW?! (I tend to get uber grumpy when my phone wakes me up, I'm like a bird. I need zero light and full silence in order to sleep, I know mega annoying and high maintenance, I'm not proud of this guys--thus why Bub was in the dog house for turning the sound back on homegirl's phone)

I squint at the screen trying to figure out who is emailing me. I can't really see who its from since I'm pretty much legally blind with out my glasses or contact lenses shellacked to my eyeballs.

I'm able to make out "Click me toots!" (Toots is what the Bubs calls me, I know cute right? Feel free to vomit, in fact its encouraged) so, I "click" (well, I stabbed it with my finger since its a touch screen) and all of the sudden I'm brought to this web page, thats right, I went to

No, he didn't just buy me the rights to, did he??

oh he did.

he even left me this little note on the website:

"Happy Birthday my love! I really hope that you like this. Remember a few weeks ago when you were so dissappointed that someone had purchased Well, it was me! And I bought it long before you discovered that it was already taken. I really want your shop to succede because I see how much you enjoy making hippy crap and drawing pictures. And being that I love you with all my heart, I'm going to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goal of quitting your day job and making a living off of Yellow Heart Art!
Above you will see some links, most of which--all of them actually are self explanatory. I wanted to build a new store for you, but when I started this site, I wasn't skilled enought to build it. So for the time being, I added the link to your Etsy store until we can build and promote your very own store. Oh, and did I mention that you have a Blog now! People can leave comments, and you can post messages and talk about hugging trees and stuff.
Now, I can't take all the credit. Michael helped me out when I was stumped (often). So be sure to give him some of the credit. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this and I hope it enables you to quit your day job and draw pictures all day!
Its kind of rough around the edges, but if I must say, it looks pretty damn good for someone who doesn't know the first thing about building webpages, html, CSS, java, php, and some other words that I can't define. However, we will learn, and make this place the best artsy fartsy website.
Oh, and Happy Birthday!"

The Bubs tricked me big time. Back track 2 months ago when all you lovelies went to Creative Estates. A lot of you had mentioned to "buy your web domain NOW or else someone else will. Even if you're not thinking of expanding just yet it's good to just have"

With out hesitation I clicked on google, typed in (expecting to see that it was up for grabs) but instead was hit with a flood of disappointment when there, mocking me on my screen, is an "under construction" sign glaring at me in the face. I called up Bub, told him some jerk has the rights to AND to make matters worse said jerk doesn't even HAVE anything up on the site!

Well, the jerk was Bub. He bought it months ago and was in cahoots with his brother (who is a mega mega computer HTML wizard) and tried to build it for me behind my back with out me knowing.

Well, he won.

The joke was on me. I am so lucky to have someone in my life who supports me and my quirky artsy fartsy ways and just wants me to succeed and be happy. Oh, and the email? Yeah it was sent to me from "LeonoraJennifer{at}"

Yesss I have my own email domain! uh HELLO mega cool!
(by the way do not email me there yet, I have NO CLUE how to retrieve my emails--this is a total work in progress)

The site needs a little a ton of work. Bub and I have no idea what we are doing, and all the graphics up there are images that him and his brother stole from my old blog and old etsy branding--and I'm pretty sure Bub used comic sans somewhere, so thats needs to be changed STAT.

So bare with me, but will soon be pretty gangsta (straight up gangsta to be precise)

The stokage level on the stock-o-meter is about a 97 outta 10 (yep THAT stoked)


  1. Ohmygoodness this is the most amazing thing ever!! What a fantastic guy and wonderful surprise!!

  2. Congrats!!!! and happy birthday, friend!! What a sneaky and sweet husband. :) LOVE it.

  3. awww i just totally got goosebumps reading this... what a sweetie that bubs is! ;) how exciting!! looking forward to the official launch of!

  4. that's one of the sweetest things i've ever heard. PROPS to bub ;)

  5. Reading this made me smile big time. Thanks for sharing. What a fun surprise and Happy Birthday!!

  6. Awwww, that is such an amazing gift and surprise!

  7. you know how I feel about this. best most amazing gift ever for you Leonora. Not sure how is going to top this next year, bling ring?!

  8. awwwwww sooo adorable. i can't wait to meet someone who loves me like your "bubs". ahhh what a keeper! <3

  9. this guy is def. a keeper!! girl, you scored!!! i love what he did for you :)

  10. Three words: He's a keep-ah!

    (If you say it slowly, it rhymes! Ha.)

    Tres thoughtful. WOWZER.

  11. Um sweetest gift ever.
    Amazing. And happy late hooray here.


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