Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things I Learned that School Won't Teach Ya

Ok, as you can see I totally slacked in my blog posts. Confession alert? I have a hard time keeping up with my blog. Doing stuff for my business comes so 2nd nature to me, but when it comes to hit "open new post" on my blog and start to type stuff out I kinda sorta have brain farts.

Sorry, just had a mental image of brains passing gas for a second. It's gone now.

So I know today is the 30th, but last thursday Jenni's prompt in blog everyday in May was "Things you've learned that school won't teach you"

It's funny, I feel like teachers push so hard to teach you that f (x) dx = f(b) - f (a) x 2 and if you're anything like me I feel as though numbers and letters do NOT belong together. It's unnatural. Not only that I feel as though Mrs.Antretter lied to me, I have never ever EVER needed to know how to figure out what X means in an equation.

But I'll tell you what would have been nice to know:

• I wish someone had taught me what to expect when buying a house. Don't throw your bank jargon at me. Do you understand what a B├ęzier curve is? Oh, you don't? Thats cause its a graphic design term. Work with me bank people and I'll work with you.

How exactly do you hard boil an egg so you don't get that mysterious dark green ring around the yolk? Huh? Did I need to know "x" to figure that one out Mrs. Antretter? Spoiler Alert: No.

• Boys will break your heart. You will struggle in life. You will think you have it bad when someone out there is wishing for exactly what you have right now - don't ever compare your beginnings to someone else's middle. Things do get better. (again, where is X in this equation Mrs.Antretter? That's what I thought)

• Did you know you can lightly blast your eye lash curler with the hair dryer and they use it on your lashes to make the curl last longer? You're welcome.

• Also? Put a little pen mark on your forehead where your hair parts naturally. Every time I go to the hair dresser I mess this up and end up with side bangs that don't belong in that spot. I currently have a 1" gap of hair that didn't make the cut, going to take a scissor to them in about 5...4...3..2..*chop*

• That 5 year plan that you jotted down on that post it note one day while sitting through the commercial breaks on your favorite reality show? (maybe it was Jersey Shore, maybe it was the Amazing Race, whatever I don't judge) that plan may or may not come true. Don't hold yourself to this strict path that you HAVE to go down in order to make you happy, life has its way of throwing you a curve ball and oddly its usually what you need at that moment in time. Say hi to the chick who was supposed to be married 3 years ago and owning 2 dogs. One named "mac" and the other named "cheese"

Monday, May 20, 2013

Date Night Ideas! (and how to win some?)

I am always trying to find new ways to show the Bubs that I have a crush on him (this crush has lasted 5 years ;) we've must be doing something right!) when you're with someone for so long it can be really easy to get in a rut. We try to go out and do something every weekend, even if its just a quickie trip to home depot to look at a bunch of ceiling fans that neither one of us will agree on to buy.

I discovered Datevitation a few weeks ago, and I am in love. It's a website where you can personalized date coupon books for your significant other. They have over 350 date ideas for you to choose from! 

I made a book for the Bubs and he absolutely loved it. The dates ranged from him picking what movie we would see at the theater to him having "remote custody" for the day (out of the 20 dates in the coupon book THAT one was his favorite) (also? it originally said "you get to control the remote for a week" but honestly I was not about to watch dirty jobs, Dr.Who, how it's made and star trek for an entire week, girl needs her real house wives of "whatever" to unwind to after a long day of work) 

With father's day coming up Datevitation has recently added date ideas for parents and kids, so they feel included too! It's a great way to do activities as a family that you might not have thought about doing before.

Datevitation has teamed up with me and you can get $10 off your first Datevitation order in May or June 2013 using code "YELLOW10". You can get your loved one a one-of-a-kind gift for Father’s day starting at just $10! Or you can do what I did and make a birthday or anniversary book for your boyfriend/husband now and save it for when the time comes! The order cut-off date for guaranteed delivery by Father’s Day is June 6 so make sure to get your order in before then :)

Also, Datevitation is giving one Yellow Heart Art reader a free date book! Follow the prompts below to be entered to win! 

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also be sure to check out our newest yellow heart art product! but hurry, they're going fast and there is a limited quantity available :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Be Gutsy - A New Yellow Heart Art Product!

So, for the past 2 years I have gotten so many e-mails asking me if my art came on T-Shirts. I would let them know that unfortunately it does not, and would offer a digital high 5 as a consolation prize.

In that time I was scheming of ways to make T-shirts that would not be an astronomical price to you guys (since I am a one woman show I wouldn't be able to mass produce these things on the cheap in some factory in a foreign land like big brand names do) (nor would I want to)

So after much research and designs and emails to my handmade friends asking them their opinions of which of my designs should grace a T-shirt I think I finally came up with something I am super proud of and would totally wear myself.

I love how it came out! It's screen printed on American Apparel T's (so you know its amazing quality!) I went with this design because I feel like a lot of us don't take enough risks. I wanted to create a T-shirt that when people wore it they felt as though they were wearing a super hero cape or something and that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

This shirt isn't for mountain climbers haha! The mountain is metaphor to tackle your fears and to reach up and go for your dreams. (but hey we love mountain climbers too!)

There are only a limited quantity available and you can snatch one here!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Top 10

Today's prompt was an easy one, "10 things that make you happy"

1. hearing the "ca-ching" sound on my etsy app every time i make a sale

2. a really really good laugh (the kind where you can't breathe, your cheeks hurt and you let out a high pitch shrill that only dogs can hear)

3. a fabulous "outfit day" where everything is just working together and it's all like "dayum girl you fiiine".

4. the way my nephew says "I lav yew ant naw naw" (Naw Naw: See Also Leonora)

5. decorating a house

6. when I get together with old college friends and for a solid hour every sentence starts with "oh my god remember when…"

7. when a customer takes the time email me to let me know how much they love their new piece of Yellow Heart Art.

8. Bub tackles (NOT in THAT way. He has a tendency to tackle me onto the bed, the floor, the couch, a pile of snow, really any surface…then squishes on top of me and giggles)

9. when you finally find that perfect cuddle position with your boyfriend, ya know where your neck isn't at a 90* angle, he can see the TV, your hair isn't going up his nose, his hand isn't pressed into a rib and your arm isn't in an awkward spot. These moments are rare, and when they do happy you hold in your pee for as long as you can cause you are NEVER going to be able to recreate that position again ever.

10. brainstorming sessions with some of my favorite ladies, like this sassy gal, this cute lady, this inspiring chick and this awesome broad.

what makes you all happy?


• oh hey, google friend connect is biting the dust, keep up to date with blog lovin' instead!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mermaid Tales.

Today's Blog-every-day-in-May prompt is "Most Embarrassing Moment"


Alright, I'm just gonna let it all hang out, right here right now.

Are you sitting down?

I was in 2nd grade. My teacher was an ex-nun and a total explicative explicative explicative. She was so nasty and old fashion. We all couldn't stand her and could not understand why someone like her even wanted to work with kids.

Anyway, surprise surprise she hated halloween (WHO hates halloween?) so to make sure none of us dressed like a zombie or a little skank she wanted us all to dress like a storybook character instead (yawn) I found a loophole though - Disney made princess picture books. Thinkin' I was all smart and beating the system I decided that I wanted to be Ariel from the little mermaid.

Nasty teacher approved of my choice and my mom rushed to the fabric store to hand sew my costume (in case you were wondering where I get my craft skillz from its from Mama Yellow Heart)

She did an amazing job. The top of my outfit was a nude colored leotard with 2 giant purple fabric shell "boobies" placed over well my boobies. She made a long skinny shimmery purple skirt with fins attached to the bottom.

It was the morning of my halloween party so my mom had done my hair into a bunch of tiny braids the night before. This was so that my hair could be "wavy" once we let them out (plus it was the early 90s and big hair was kinda a thing still)

But we couldn't stop at my hair just being long, big and crimpy, no we ALSO had to shellack it in orange hair paint to get the real true Ariel affect (duh)

So, there I am in all my mermaid glory. My hair is florescent orange, I got on my leotard, my tube skirt is in place. I'm wearing fabric shells on my chest. My mom drops me off at school and I see that none of the other kids are dressed up.

I didn't think much of it since in elementary school all the kids from all the classes file in the hallway until you are ready to go to your own classroom. I had just assumed that the other teacher's were not having their halloween parties that day.

Ok Leonora stay cool, you got this, your hair is crunchy and smells gnarly and you're rocking a fierce shell bra but damn girl you fiiiine.

(Spoiler Alert: I looked like an asshole.)

My classroom was up 2 flights of stairs. Since my skirt was so long and tight I had to waddle my way up, taking each step at a time super slow, also making sure I didn't trip over my fins.

I waddle into the classroom only to see a bunch of T-shirts and jeans.

I panic, scream, cry and "run" to the class bathroom (I use the term "run" loosely since I actually couldn't run, I pathetically teetered tottered my way to the bathroom since I was wearing a FREKKIN MERMAID FIN)

I locked myself in the bathroom and cried for what seemed like hours.

Apparently the school called my mom and had her come down in an attempt to free me from the bathroom after many failed negotiations attempts from Miss. Nasty teacher lady.

My mom comes running in and knocks on the door trying to get me to come out. She slips under the door some clothes for me to change into "ok yeah mom these black pants and purple shirt are REALLY going to hide the fact that my hair is neon orange and is giving off a smell that I am almost positive is known in the state of California to cause cancer"

I finally come out of the bathroom. She tries to make me feel better by saying that Geoffery (one of my friends at the time) brought a Ninja costume to change into that day but didn't wear it there. "Really Ma?! Dude I would give my left leg right now to be dressed like an effing NINJA"

A lot of kids that day did BRING their costumes to school but didnt actually WEAR them. Ya see, Miss. Nasty Pant's letter to the parents stated "Please bring in money for the kid's halloween party on October 27th"

A lot of parent's read that as "ok the party is on the 27th" not "hey we just need your cash money by the 27th"

My mom turned into a huge mama bear and ripped the teacher a new one. I was never more proud of my mom. Get it girl--throw a left hook while you're at it. Ok, maybe no left hook…that's too far and what would Gandhi say?

As for me? I convinced my mom to take me home. It took us 2 days to get my hair back to normal.

You would think that story would totally scar me from doing halloween ever again but I love dressing up so much that I try not to think about "the mermaid incident of '92"

Don't even ask to see a picture, not happening guys. I didn't blossom into my "cute" phase till, well, actually still waiting for that blossoming to happen. If you see it send it my way?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kitty Meow Boutique!

So happy to share with you the talented Cat of Kitty Meow Boutique! Her shop is full of invites, cards and other fun paper goods to make snail mail cool again. Plus also? She's kinda rad. Read more about her below!

Hello! I'm Cat, formally Catherine, and originally from the awesome city of Chicago, IL.  After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications I packed up my Honda Accord coupe with whatever would fit inside and said Viva Las Vegas! While living in this wonderful city I have worked for multiple prosperous nightlife consulting and marketing companies as a graphic designer. Creating designs for “the man” day in and day out really motivated me to actually start designing for myself!

What started as a silly name for a make believe company for a college art project is slowly but surely turning into so much more. Just last week I put in my notice at my current job and I'm ready to take this roller coaster ride full time! Kitty Meow designs are a little silly, but serious when they want to be...kind of like me. Each piece is purposely designed, hand cut, hand glued and pieced together with love by my own sweat and tears.

Don't traces of sweat or tears will be detectable on the finished product!

In a digital world of evites and websites, I find a lot of value in having a tangible, beautiful piece of stationery for you to have as a keepsake forever, and not get lost or forgotten about in your Inbox. I don't think you need to break the bank either. It IS possible for beautiful things to be offered at affordable prices!


Thank you so much Cat! As an extra bonus Cat is giving away to one lucky Yellow Heart Reader a DIY Printable Invite Design File ($25 value). Perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, kid's birthdays, weddings, BBQs or a suh-weet Karaoke party ;)

Want in? Follow the prompts below to be entered! The best part? Its open to everyone world wide! Also, please play nice Cat was kind enough to give you an awesome giveaway please be kind in return and actually complete the entries, we do make sure all are valid :)

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some Advice, Wear Sunscreen.

When today's prompt was to "give a piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all." I had to really think about this. I mean, am I in the position to be giving advice to people? What the heck do I know, I wear scarves in the summer and I have yet to figure out exactly what it is that Meatloaf won't do for love, so what can I possibly say to others that is worth really saying?

I guess the only advice I can really give anyone is to:

• Enjoy any free time. Working full time has made me appreciate any spare moments that much more. I can't go grocery shopping at 11am on a weekday nor can I just sleep in a bit if I feel like it. I absolutely hate the concept of a 9-5 job because I feel as though life should be spent making memories and not making money.

• Take a lot of pictures. My friend, George, died at a young age (23) and I don't have too many photos of him. Part of the reason is because he passed away in 2005 and I didn't own a good quality digital camera back then nor did my little nokia, whose only form of entertainment was the snake game, have a camera attached to it.  It takes seconds to just capture a moment on film forever. In the end when we leave this earth those photos will be the only thing to be able to tell our stories to future generations.

• Embrace "bad hair days", some people out there are not lucky enough to have a bad hair day if they are going through an illness or radiation. What seems like an inconvenience to you is something someone out there dreams of having.

• Always hold hands with your significant other. Bubs and I have been together for 5 years now. When we go out in public together 90% of the time his fingers are intertwined with mine (the other 10% is him running away from me because he saw something shiny that he has to touch). When people see how we interact they assumed we've only been together for a few months. I never want to take him for granted and we are constantly wrapped up in each other.

see? Even when he makes me fall out of hammocks we are still holding hands. True love folks.

• Send snail mail. How stoked do you get when you open a letter or package from someone you love? I will never send an "e-card" to anyone, I'm also super sentimental and save a good chunk of my cards and scrap book that shiz.

• Always pack an umbrella and rain boots on vacation. Trust me, if you're going to be exploring Europe or Disney and you have out door activities planned and you do not have the money to be visiting these places more than once you MUST pack this shiz. Extra points if they are super obnoxious looking like mine.

• Buy gifts for people throughout the year. I don't know about you but for me I have to buy christmas presents for at least 25 people, and all those 25 people also have birthdays too. The holidays are stressful enough already and I don't want to be spending 72 hours at the mall the week before christmas trying to buy gifts for all those people in one shot. So instead I buy them in dribs and drabs. If I am out and I see something that I think someone will love I pick it up and hold onto it. Sometimes I do this a few weeks in advance, sometimes its a few months. It saves me money, stress and I usually end up buying my friends and family something nicer if I pick it up when I see it rather then buying something just for the sake of buying something because I ran out of time.

• Wear good quality make up. The only drugstore make up I can get away with is mascara since mama blessed me with some crazy lashes (thanks ma!) I have tried so many different types of drug store make up and none of them hold up and look as nice as the brands i get at Sephora. Maybe you have different experiences with drug store make up and thats ok too! But I find that I save more money by spending a little bit more on good quality make up that lasts longer throughout the day rather then re-applying cheap make up all day long and going through more of it.

• When all else fails, wear sunscreen. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out this blast from the past
 "Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth, but trust me on the sunscreen"

What is some advice you can give me?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fears and Dr. House


Unsure if you guys have been keeping up with this little series I'm taking part in. Jenni from Story of My Life has an "every day in may" challenge where she give you blog topic to write about! I skipped a few days (shhh) but today I am back in the game!

Today's Topic: The thing(s) you're most afraid of

Fear sucks. Fear can sometimes be debilitating and strip you of your happiness or passion. I try to not let these fears consume my life but sometimes its hard to not let those thoughts creep back into your mind from time to time.

• Ok, so I think I've mentioned it on the blog here before but I am frekkin petrified of death. I know its inevitable but when I think about it (like really think about it) it gives me serious heart palpitations. It's funny I found out a few months ago that my brother is the exact same way. Not knowing 100% what exactly happens to you when you, ya know, totally freaks me out. When I find out that someone has passed away the first thought I think is "wow, they are no longer breathing or experiencing life…thats…insane". I think about death at least once a day--I know I know I'm out of my mind I'm totally aware of this. BUT since I do think about it a lot it has made me really appreciate everything I do that much more. The fact that I can feel my boyfriends hand intertwined with mine or the fact that I can hold a pencil and draw something from scratch with it….ok ok no more death talk. I'm done.

• I fear something happening to my bub, friends or family. I don't know what I would do with out any of them.

• I fear being stuck at a place I'm not happy just cause I need the dolla dolla billz.

• I fear flying. I don't know, something about being in a giant metal tube that is being held in the air by propellers and air just seems so wrong. We were not meant to fly.

• I fear giving birth. Still unsure if this is something I will ever experience but holy hell squeezing a football out of hole meant for a pea seems so…so…so….(I can't even finish that sentence b/c my lady bits just shuttered a bit)

• I'm almost positive that I have every disease or illness that is on the show House.

What are you afraid of? Promise me you still think I'm cool.

Friday, May 3, 2013

What Makes You Uncomfortable?

Today's Blog Prompt from "Story of My Life" is Things that make you uncomfortable (for those of you who dont know what this is Jenni from Story of my Life has a "every day in may" challenge where she challenges bloggers to blog about a specific topic everyday)

This prompt made me think about things I try not to think about (I guess thats the point if you are "uncomfortable" with something) but I think it's good to get it out!

• I don't like it when people lay "the guilt trip" on you. The one good thing about me is that I am impervious to "the guilt trip". I am also super blessed to have a Mom who has never ever guilted me into doing anything. To me if you  have to "persuade" someone to do something or "make" them do something they really don't want to do then what is the point? Don't put me in that situation cause guuurl you're going down.

• I am thee most awkward person around children. I don't know what it is! I get really uncomfortable when parents just plop their kid on my lap or make me "watch them for a sec". Like, really, you're leaving ME in charge of your off spring?! What if I lose them?! What if they spontaneously combust or something?! If you're not immediately related to me by blood then please don't put me in that scenario.

• I hate cooking chicken. Poor bub, whenever I make chicken he either gets it one of 3 ways: so overcooked its rubbery, in a crock pot shredded to bits or a cutlet that has been "Dug apart in the middle" 50 times to make sure that it cooked all the way through.

• I don't know why but I am thee WORSE traveler. My stomach is in knots for days before, during, and after my trip. I get super uncomfortable on a plane or if I am not in control of a situation. I like to know when I will be eating or when I can have access to a bathroom or something, stupid things like that give me mini panic attacks ha.

• I get uncomfortable if I am on an elevator with a stranger. Sometimes I'll get off the elevator and wait for the next one just so that I am not alone with them. Maybe its the New Yorker in me but I really dislike it.

• So, like, 90% of the time I am a super social person. I love hanging out with people and making new friends. The rare 10% of the time where I sit in the corner and don't say a word is when I am at a party or in a room full of people who all know each other really well and I'm the "out cast". I find it hard to make conversation or be social with people who are all either related to one another or have been best friends since the womb. I mean it's not their fault that they are not included you in their conversation, it just happens. They all have so much to talk about and so many "OH! Remember when..." moments that you sometimes get unintentionally kicked to the curb. You can only talk about the weather, work or their kids for so long before the conversation gets dry. I would rather not be in these situations and just usually end up playing angry birds on my phone till its over.

• Today makes me uncomfortable. Today is the day I was driving down Northern Blvd. and saw my friend's honda civic across the street mangled and in 2 pieces. He lost his life today, and there I was just a few feet away from him not knowing if he was alive or dead. I have never lost anyone suddenly before, in the past if someone I knew passed away it was due to old age or an illness. Something like that changes you, and he will always be in my heart. I love you George RIP 5.3.05.

and ironically writing this blog post was also super uncomfortable ha! But its good to show you're human, or in my case a total whack job. We're still friends, right guys?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Something I'm Really Good At

A lot of my friends are doing the "Story of My Life" blog challenge. Everyday in May she has a prompt for what she wants other bloggers out there to blog about. Her goal is bring blogging back to its basics, which I am all for!

Her challenge for today: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

When I think about what I'm good at I go to the obvious…I'm really good at creating things. But you all know this about me cause my entire lively hood depends on me being able to be artsy fartsy! So what else am I really good at? I'm really good at driving my boyfriend absolutely nuts.

• If he steals my teddy grahams I just bite off all the legs of his teddy grahams first before he has a chance to eat them. He loves to gnaw off the legs

• If he puts on "How it's made" or anything on the History Channel I put on re-runs of "Snooki and J-Woww" (1 point Leonora)

• If he hogs my side of the bed then I go and steal the covers (hey, whats fair is fair dude)

• If he leaves me alone in the car for too long I honk his horn and put on the party lights (Party Lights: See Also, Hazard Lights)

• His kryptonite is "wet drain hair", so if he is being a skutch to me I just go into the shower, grab some good 'ol drain hair and chase him around the apartment. This usually ends in him tackling me down to the ground and me screaming "OK OK OK OK OK OK OK I'll throw it out!" (disclaimer: we don't have a mountain of hair in the drain, I can take out one single strand of hair from the drain and he'll still freak.) (promise Chewbacca doesn't live with us)

• Whenever he asks siri a question I usually scream out a random word right at the end to throw off his search. Bub "Siri, where is the nearest gas station?" Me: "POTATO SKINS!" Siri: I found 4 places near you that have great reviews on Potato Skins.

• Sometimes I steal his sweatpants and wear them around the house. Ok, I do this all day erry day.

• He makes this super awkward scream sound whenever he is about to be tickled. I hover my finger over his hip until he makes the noise. I giggle. He then plots his revenge on me and I always immediately regret my decision to tickle him.

• I will ask him a million and one times "Did…did you wash your hands?" after he has handled raw chicken. I have this unhealthy obsession with chicken juice--I absolutely hate it and will sanitize the entire kitchen once we finished cooking with it. I even sanitize the soap dispenser if I accidentally touch it to clean my hands while I have chicken slime on them.

What are you really good at?

I'm linking up with Story of My Life, you should too!


and oh hey, Erika and I released our new product collaboration yesterday, you should check it out!

Google Friend Connect is peacing out, keep up with my ramblings over at blog lovin' instead!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: A Bow-tea-full Clutch!

So, I had a super killer back drop this week for my "What I Wore Wednesday" Post. It's just a teeny little dribble of water called Niagara Falls.

Fabric Hair Flower: Just Lovely Things
Sunnies: Target
White Long Sleeve: Old Navy
Coach Tour Dress: ModCloth
Belt: Target
Jeans (they were SUPPOSED to be tights, but I was cold, so I wore jeans...let's make pretend they're super cute sweater tights) Old Navy
Boots: Carlos Santana (I know, I know...weird right?)
Earrings: c/o Acute Designs (use code YELLOWHEART15 for 15% off!)
Necklace: Caroline G Shop


and oh heeey whats that thing in my hand? that the collaboration that Erika and I have been teasing you all on twitter with lately?

Erika and I teamed up to bring you this fashionable and functional clutch. I designed the bow fabric artwork and Erika used her signature clutch design to sew it up using real genuine leather. It was such an honor working with Erika, her and I just totally get each other and I am so happy that we were both able to use our talents to create this awesome product! It has a little piece of both of hearts wrapped into it.

We are so excited about this collaboration, there were some hiccups along the way (Um, hi, 2 artists attempting to do math?) but we pushed through and got these bad boys rollin'!

We designed a limited number of these clutches and are having a 2 week long pre-sale of these clutches at a temporary price cut. Snag one up here! Again, these are a limited quantity and we will retire this clutch once it is sold out :) we hope you all love it!!

You can see how Erika styled it over here!

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW

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