Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Top 10

Today's prompt was an easy one, "10 things that make you happy"

1. hearing the "ca-ching" sound on my etsy app every time i make a sale

2. a really really good laugh (the kind where you can't breathe, your cheeks hurt and you let out a high pitch shrill that only dogs can hear)

3. a fabulous "outfit day" where everything is just working together and it's all like "dayum girl you fiiine".

4. the way my nephew says "I lav yew ant naw naw" (Naw Naw: See Also Leonora)

5. decorating a house

6. when I get together with old college friends and for a solid hour every sentence starts with "oh my god remember when…"

7. when a customer takes the time email me to let me know how much they love their new piece of Yellow Heart Art.

8. Bub tackles (NOT in THAT way. He has a tendency to tackle me onto the bed, the floor, the couch, a pile of snow, really any surface…then squishes on top of me and giggles)

9. when you finally find that perfect cuddle position with your boyfriend, ya know where your neck isn't at a 90* angle, he can see the TV, your hair isn't going up his nose, his hand isn't pressed into a rib and your arm isn't in an awkward spot. These moments are rare, and when they do happy you hold in your pee for as long as you can cause you are NEVER going to be able to recreate that position again ever.

10. brainstorming sessions with some of my favorite ladies, like this sassy gal, this cute lady, this inspiring chick and this awesome broad.

what makes you all happy?


• oh hey, google friend connect is biting the dust, keep up to date with blog lovin' instead!

• last day to nab mine and erika's genuine leather clutch at the discounted pre-order sale price! after tomorrow these bad boys go to full retail.

• last day to nab some free invites!


  1. My 3 year old nephew calls me Aunt Gigi. How he got "Gigi" from Crystal...I will never know.

  2. how did you read my mind?! i need to email you about some brainstorming action! ;)
    bwt loved the list - you make me happy!

    p.s. i'm not your college friend - but i am your BB so "omg, remember when ________" (blanket, running, food, ring comparisons can be inserted in the blank - among many other things)

  3. fabulous outfit days... i LIVE for those!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. I love that you called Illene a broad. lolz for days.

    also, the ka-ching sound. awesome.

  5. Great list! #6-I love reminiscing with my college friends, too :) #9-Yes! Why is that perfect cuddle position so hard to re-create?!

  6. I love brainstorming sessions with you too!!!!! <3 ja


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