Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things I Learned that School Won't Teach Ya

Ok, as you can see I totally slacked in my blog posts. Confession alert? I have a hard time keeping up with my blog. Doing stuff for my business comes so 2nd nature to me, but when it comes to hit "open new post" on my blog and start to type stuff out I kinda sorta have brain farts.

Sorry, just had a mental image of brains passing gas for a second. It's gone now.

So I know today is the 30th, but last thursday Jenni's prompt in blog everyday in May was "Things you've learned that school won't teach you"

It's funny, I feel like teachers push so hard to teach you that f (x) dx = f(b) - f (a) x 2 and if you're anything like me I feel as though numbers and letters do NOT belong together. It's unnatural. Not only that I feel as though Mrs.Antretter lied to me, I have never ever EVER needed to know how to figure out what X means in an equation.

But I'll tell you what would have been nice to know:

• I wish someone had taught me what to expect when buying a house. Don't throw your bank jargon at me. Do you understand what a B├ęzier curve is? Oh, you don't? Thats cause its a graphic design term. Work with me bank people and I'll work with you.

How exactly do you hard boil an egg so you don't get that mysterious dark green ring around the yolk? Huh? Did I need to know "x" to figure that one out Mrs. Antretter? Spoiler Alert: No.

• Boys will break your heart. You will struggle in life. You will think you have it bad when someone out there is wishing for exactly what you have right now - don't ever compare your beginnings to someone else's middle. Things do get better. (again, where is X in this equation Mrs.Antretter? That's what I thought)

• Did you know you can lightly blast your eye lash curler with the hair dryer and they use it on your lashes to make the curl last longer? You're welcome.

• Also? Put a little pen mark on your forehead where your hair parts naturally. Every time I go to the hair dresser I mess this up and end up with side bangs that don't belong in that spot. I currently have a 1" gap of hair that didn't make the cut, going to take a scissor to them in about 5...4...3..2..*chop*

• That 5 year plan that you jotted down on that post it note one day while sitting through the commercial breaks on your favorite reality show? (maybe it was Jersey Shore, maybe it was the Amazing Race, whatever I don't judge) that plan may or may not come true. Don't hold yourself to this strict path that you HAVE to go down in order to make you happy, life has its way of throwing you a curve ball and oddly its usually what you need at that moment in time. Say hi to the chick who was supposed to be married 3 years ago and owning 2 dogs. One named "mac" and the other named "cheese"


  1. I ask myself this all the time.
    And 5 year plan, haha what a joke. I would have had a degree and lived in the city. Instead I'm a sahmommy and wouldn't change it for the world.

    AND Mac and cheese are fabulous dog names.
    - Kait

  2. I love this, all so very true. Stupid algebra.

  3. Oh yes...Algebra! I needed a tutor for SO many years. My poor parents, all that stress and hard work and NOT ONCE have I used it on the real world!

    Love this post...especially the last little bit. That's what so great about our lives, with each day and each opportunity our destiny can change...and then change again. I love it!

  4. Hard boiled eggs are perfect if you do them this way... Put the eggs in the water (enough to cover them) and turn on the heat. Watch the pot...when the water boils, turn off the heat and cover the pot. Leave the eggs in there for 15 minutes (use a timer) and then rinse them with cool water. Perfect every time!

  5. The best part about pretty much always getting it wrong when you try to plan it out? Is that whenever that "future" is "the present," it's so much better than the daydreams.

  6. ohh.. I have a strong math background I would say it's so important but I may be biased. One of the things that I did not learn in school or while even attending college was that life does not always have a certain path. You can certainly put yourself on a path but there is no guarantees that you'll want to stay on it very long. I always assumed that you'll go to school, go to college, get your degree in something and that will be you for the rest of your life. Perhaps for some people that works for them but for me.. I seem to have chosen the mutli-career type of life. So far it works.


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