Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fears and Dr. House


Unsure if you guys have been keeping up with this little series I'm taking part in. Jenni from Story of My Life has an "every day in may" challenge where she give you blog topic to write about! I skipped a few days (shhh) but today I am back in the game!

Today's Topic: The thing(s) you're most afraid of

Fear sucks. Fear can sometimes be debilitating and strip you of your happiness or passion. I try to not let these fears consume my life but sometimes its hard to not let those thoughts creep back into your mind from time to time.

• Ok, so I think I've mentioned it on the blog here before but I am frekkin petrified of death. I know its inevitable but when I think about it (like really think about it) it gives me serious heart palpitations. It's funny I found out a few months ago that my brother is the exact same way. Not knowing 100% what exactly happens to you when you, ya know, totally freaks me out. When I find out that someone has passed away the first thought I think is "wow, they are no longer breathing or experiencing life…thats…insane". I think about death at least once a day--I know I know I'm out of my mind I'm totally aware of this. BUT since I do think about it a lot it has made me really appreciate everything I do that much more. The fact that I can feel my boyfriends hand intertwined with mine or the fact that I can hold a pencil and draw something from scratch with it….ok ok no more death talk. I'm done.

• I fear something happening to my bub, friends or family. I don't know what I would do with out any of them.

• I fear being stuck at a place I'm not happy just cause I need the dolla dolla billz.

• I fear flying. I don't know, something about being in a giant metal tube that is being held in the air by propellers and air just seems so wrong. We were not meant to fly.

• I fear giving birth. Still unsure if this is something I will ever experience but holy hell squeezing a football out of hole meant for a pea seems so…so…so….(I can't even finish that sentence b/c my lady bits just shuttered a bit)

• I'm almost positive that I have every disease or illness that is on the show House.

What are you afraid of? Promise me you still think I'm cool.


  1. yeah, death is some scary shit!

  2. you know i think you are cool. ;)

    and right there with you about giving birth. eeeek. maybe that's why our ovaries aren't bursting like other almost 30 year old women. fear has totally frozen them for the time being.


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