Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Make a Macaroon Purse

So, I used to have a pinterest, but then I deleted it because of all the legal crizzap that was going on.

and honestly, homegurl doesn't have the money right now to be sued by someone because I accidentally improperly re-pinned something.

Too much baby-daddy-mama-drama for my liking.

So instead I have been browsing pinterest and printing out all the fun DIYs I see on there. Upside to that? If I have all my favorite tutorials actually printed out I will be more likely to make them.

Enter this ca-yoot Macaroon purse tutorial I found!

Here are the photos from

and here is how mine turned out!

isn't it cute?! 

Will I be adding these to Yellow Heart Art? Heck to the no.

As cute as this lil change purse is it did take me a few hours to make. Everything was done by hand and I do have some battle wounds to show from it. (Ok, so maybe my battle wounds are little needle pricks, I'm going to sympathy points here guys)

Thank you Craft Passion for posting this how-to! Let me know if you guys make them :)


  1. those are so cute! i would probably try to eat mine though..:)

  2. SO darn CUTE! That was my first question: "sell them please?!" Haha! Oh well. Don't want you to hurt yourself! ;)

  3. so stinking cute!! and yes, you should sell them!!

  4. These are adorable and have given me possible gift bag inspiration for my daughter's winter birthday party (or tea!). As the French say: "Mignon!" Lovely to find your great blog.


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