Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shop News! Completely NEW Products!

I am so stoked to share with you all completely new products to hit Yellow Heart Art!

Introducing wood necklaces. All necklaces are 100% original artwork designed by me, I then used wood as a medium for my designs.

oh and PS-if you see any "serious" faces below its because of the following.

1. it was cold as EFF outside. New York hasn't gotten the memo yet that its spring time and that I should be frolicking in a field filled with daffodils while my fictitious dog gleefully chases after me.

2. It was windy. And cloudy. But that weird kind of cloudy where you still need sunglasses outside or else it hurts your eyeballs? wind + hidden sun = me not being able to keep my eyes open. I had to leave my eyes shut then yell to bub "COUNT TO 3 AND I'LL OPEN MY EYES!". Our photoshoot was a hot mess.

3. Due to me making the "im-so-effin-cold-it-hurts-to-smile" faces bubs kept trying to get me to smile by yelling out random male body parts. He's a keeper folks.

Flower Bib Wood Necklace by Yellow Heart Art

Wood Bow Necklace by Yellow Heart Art

Vespa Scooter Necklace by Yellow Heart Art

Also added some cay-oote new plushes to the shop!

adding some arrows to our popular camera plush!

and don't be fooled by the oh-so-tyra-banks-esque photos above of yours truly. Here are some more classics the Bubs took this weekend...

 seriously bub?

lookin' hot for the paparazzi. and by hot I mean freezing my ass off. this face is pure grumpiness at its finest moment.

making me laugh...
...then yellin' at him to make me stop laughing.

its love folks.


  1. hahaha! That last picture is the best!! LOVE IT!

  2. Love the bow necklace! And this post made me smile as usual!

  3. Hehehe, so cute! And I love those camera plushes!!

  4. I love the new hair cut!!!!! And I LOVE that you included the photo of your bum :]

  5. so creative with the wooden cut-outs! I love them :) and thank you for sharing your story of the photo shoot...I can totally relate!

  6. love these new necklaces!! SO cute. And the pics are awesome :).

  7. Bahaha! My last photo session resulted in my dude dropping my camera (actually, he whacked it out of my hand on accident) after we had taken maybe 3 photos. Luckily the camera did not break, but I deemed the session OVER because I was unable to smile...about 15 minutes later I had calmed down but then it was too windy to do much! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one whose "behind the scenes" moments are hilarious, but not as cute.

    Anyways...the new necklaces are soooo cute! The Italophile in me loves the scooter! I am curious as to how you get your drawings onto the wood...the only technique I've ever used uses a laser cutter (we had one in college, it was awesome) but that's pretty danged expensive.

  8. BAHAHAH! these are caaaa-racking me up. go, bubs!!!
    okay on a serious note, i am in LOVE with your new necklaces. expect an order from your bed cover hogging friend over here very soon. loooove ya!

  9. Ahhh! I love the pictures! It's freezing here, too. Such a pain after having such gorgeous weather so early. That bow necklace is to die for and I love the new cameras!

  10. AAAAAHHHH, Leonora, I cannot express how much I adore that flower necklace!!!!

  11. Lol these pics are priceless! i need money to buy a new necklace. love the wood idea, so original .

  12. i saw those wooden necklaces in your newsletter and absolutely loved them! too cute! and that last picture made me LOL!


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